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3 Stealthy Sex Toys That’ll Pass Through TSA

3 Stealthy Sex Toys That’ll Pass Through TSA Travel can sometimes be daunting, especially when it involves airports and security lines, and it’s even tougher when you’re trying to make sure your suite of sex toys makes it through TSA without a hitch. We’ve all heard the embarrassing horror stories of agents searching bags only […]

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Become a Cunnilingus Pro in 9 Simple Steps

Become a Cunnilingus Pro in 9 Simple Steps Cunnilingus. Muff-diving. Good ol’ oral sex. It’s a common concern among men and women eager to please their partners with their “linguistic” skills and understandably so! The vulva (the accurate term for female genitalia) can be complicated to navigate, especially knowing that no one woman enjoys the […]

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BuzzFeed is Buzzing for The Screaming O Affordable Sex Toys!

BuzzFeed has just released a list of 16 sex toys that they believe are better than a boyfriend (or girlfriend, we might add!) and The Screaming O made it to two top spots. We were the ONLY manufacturer with popular sex toys for under $20 – some topped the charts at $200 or more! – […]

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Frequently Ask Questions

Frequently Ask Questions Have a question that is not answered here? Please contact us. Why The Screaming O? Why a Vibrating Ring? Why can some women achieve orgasm during sex, but I can’t? What is the Screaming O Vibrating Ring? How does a Vibrating Ring work? How long does the motor last? What are “pleasure […]

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Go Western & Get Wild With the RingO Ranglers!

Get ready for a rowdy roll in the hay with the RingO Rangler collection of stretchy erection rings that’ll turn any ordinary cowboy into a bucking bronco! Take a wild ride into the sunset with three unique rings that help control premature ejaculation while keeping him harder longer and ready for more. The RingO Rangler […]

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Fun Sex Fact: Kangaroos Have 3 Vaginas

Nature always surprises us when it comes to sex. You never know what you might learn about the homicidal sex habits of insects, creepy mating rituals of amphibians, or bizarre anatomy of animals you always thought were cuddly and cute. After flipping through a few favorite science blogs we found a fascinating post about kangaroos […]

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The PropellO Makes Our Heads Spin – and Yes, That’s Supposed to Sound Dirty

They’ve done it again and this time it’s crazier-looking than before. And at this point you can rest assured that the crazier it looks, the better it feels and the more you should plan on screaming later on. Do your neighbors a favor and keep the windows closed. The PropellO is the latest member of […]

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Get Bizzy With the OHoney – It Hits Your Sweet Spot

It looks bizarre and takes a second or two to figure out. But once you do, it’s all you’re gonna want to use. The OHoney is a couples sex toy made to intensify her sexual experience, especially during missionary-position sex. Missionary gets a bad rap in the sex world, often being called the “boring” position. […]