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The Screaming O blog team shares a unique desire to bring “passion to the people” by designing some of the most innovative, fun and exciting sex toys on the market. And it all began with the original Screaming O Vibrating Ring, a simple stretchy ring with a mini motor on top that won Women’s Health […]

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We’ve Made the Wearable Rabbit Vibe in XL Size!

We’ve broken new ground with a new version of our famous Ohare wearable rabbit vibe, now in a bigger size for girthier guys (or dudes who like a roomier cock ring fit). The Ohare XL is changing the lives of women and their partners with a unique take on the iconic sex toy made famous […]

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Lab-tested, Body-safe & Affordable Sex Toys for All!

It’s been almost a year and a half since we initiated our Product Material Verification campaign and we’ve just finished Round 3 of our product materials testing. Earning – and keeping – your trust is our No. 1 priority, which means we maintain our strict materials testing standards with every new product release we make! […]

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Become a Cunnilingus Pro in 9 Simple Steps

Become a Cunnilingus Pro in 9 Simple Steps Cunnilingus. Muff-diving. Good ol’ oral sex. It’s a common concern among men and women eager to please their partners with their “linguistic” skills and understandably so! The vulva (the accurate term for female genitalia) can be complicated to navigate, especially knowing that no one woman enjoys the […]

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Why Foreplay is Sometimes Better than Sex

Sometimes foreplay can feel like a hassle when all you want is to rip each other’s clothes off, but this kind of sexy warm-up is actually one of the most important parts of getting it on! Most of us fall into a “we want it NOW!” mindset when it comes to having sex, but many […]

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The Screaming O Contracts Molecular Biologist for 3rd-Party Material Validation

The Screaming O has contracted noted molecular biologist Erika Batchelder to provide expert third-party validation as Phase 2 of its recent product materials verification and labeling initiative. This progressive campaign includes independent lab testing of The Screaming O’s flagship materials, including SEBS and silicone, for top quality control, and now with a third-party validator, The […]

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The Screaming O Debuts New Clear ‘Barely There’ Erection Rings

The Screaming O has taken its top-selling RingO x3 cock ring 3-packs and transformed them with a discreet and trendy clear color for a softer silhouette. Once only available in black, these popular erection rings now give men the choice of a how they want to present their packages: with a hard edge or a […]

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Go Down & STAY Down with the SnorkelO Oral Sex Aid!

It’s never been easier to maintain your cunning linguist status with the new SnorkelO oral sex aid, a clever (and cheeky) version of a snorkel that lets you go down – and stay down – without skipping a beat. Its unique Breathe Easy Air Flow System keeps air flowing strong and steady while you keep […]

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Be Ready to GO for Every Sexual Encounter!

Have you heard of the GO Vibe Ring yet? It’s our newest disposable erection ring made for the most satisfying quickie you’ll ever have! This is the most powerful portable couples ring on the market with an incredible 13,500 RPM motor positioned vertically for better clitoral stimulation, and with a simple flip, you can use […]

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BuzzFeed is Buzzing for The Screaming O Affordable Sex Toys!

BuzzFeed has just released a list of 16 sex toys that they believe are better than a boyfriend (or girlfriend, we might add!) and The Screaming O made it to two top spots. We were the ONLY manufacturer with popular sex toys for under $20 – some topped the charts at $200 or more! – […]