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The Screaming O Presents the Power of Pleasure With MasteRing™ Remote Controlled Vibes

The Screaming O has debuted the MasteRing™ Bullet, Panty and OWow®, three new couples vibes operated by a remote control cleverly disguised as an ordinary finger ring! With just one touch the MasteRing lets you choose between multiple speeds and functions to tease, please and make your partner plead, “Master, may I…have more?”, introducing a […]

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A Screamin’ Valentines Day for Everyone!

February 10, 2014 The romantic holiday season is in full swing, which means it’s time to start prepping for the biggest event of all: Valentine’s Day! So we’ve made it easy with a gift guide designed to fit everyone’s needs, from fun couples kits to sexy treats for the single life. For the girl who […]

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Romantic Gift Exchange: Eat Dessert First

Dinner vs. MasteRing Panty V-Day is on Friday and there isn’t much time left to get creative with your romantic gift ideas – and that’s why The Screaming O is here. Last week we inspired you to think outside the heart-shaped box and get creative with your carnal self: trade in flowers for a Big […]

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Make Some “Me” Time Before the Kids Come Home

When the kids are away, the parents will play and now that school is officially in session it’s time for all y’all moms and dads to get into gear and back to business. You don’t have to hop back in the minivan until soccer practice is over, which gives you more than a few hours […]

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Celebrate ‘National Be Nasty Day’ the Way Hallmark Never Thought Possible

Hallmark, the all-mighty rulers of the random holiday world, has decided that today is National Be Nasty Day. While they describe the day as a special opportunity for mischief that won’t count on the karma scale, we at The Screaming O are taking it to a nastier level. When we think “nasty” we think naughty, […]

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5 Screaming O Sex Toys That Will Help You Survive the End of the World

The Mayan calendar marks today as the official end of days. So before the asteroids, earthquakes, firestorms and wrath of the gods take their toll, The Screaming O wants to remind you all that if you’re going to go, you might as well go out with an O! This doomsday, put the ‘O’ in ap-O-calypse […]