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New 2013 Calendar Lets You Live the Screaming O Lifestyle All Year Round!

Experience a new thrill each month with the 2013 Screaming O Official Product Testing Team Calendar, bringing The Screaming O’s famous fun attitude to life with colorful scenes that inspire a thirst for adventure! Ride the Ferris wheel, surf a big wave, and experience the excitement of the O Life as the Scream Team Girls […]

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New Luxe ‘PrimO MINX’ Gives the Hug of a Lifetime

Sept. 9, 2016 We’ve created a unique vibrating ring made specifically for clit stim super-fans and we can’t wait for you to get your hands on it. Introducing the 100% True Silicone™ PrimO MINX, the latest from the affordable luxury brand that’s brought you high-end design and without the high-end price. The MINX features an […]

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Screaming O Sends Ted Cruz to Sex School with Lifetime Sex Toy Supply

LOS ANGELES – April 14, 2016 – Award-winning sex toy manufacturer Screaming O has partnered with the Los Angeles Academy of Sex Education (LAASE) to offer a scholarship and lifetime supply of sex toys to Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz. The thoughtful offer comes in response to Cruz’s now-very-public condemnation of masturbation and sex toys, […]

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Sex Outside the Box! – How to Revive a Boring Sex Life

Sex is great and we all love to do it, but sometimes we get stuck in a bedroom rut that no amount of hugging, kissing and humping can get us out of. Fortunately you’re not alone – it can be super-easy to fall into a routine that takes some of the spontaneous excitement out of […]

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Women’s Health Says Our Discreet Sex Toy “Might Just Change Your Life”

Women’s Health magazine recommended our Studio Collection Makeup Brush Vibe is a discreet sex toy for its “blush-worthy” design that gives women a discreet and compact way to spice up their sex lives. This cute mini vibe was hand-picked for its nightstand-friendly look and newbie appeal, and editors called it a sex toy “that might […]

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Today is ‘National Evaluate Your Life Day’ – How About Your Sex Life?

Today is “Evaluate Your Life Day,” or as we at The Screaming O like to call it, “Evaluate Your SEX Life Day!” We love to celebrate every holiday that exists under the sun and occasionally a day will come along that entices us to pause, sit back, and ponder our life choices. Today is one […]

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The Screaming O Debuts Devilishly Intense ‘Screamin Demon’ Mini Vibe

The Screaming O Debuts Devilishly Intense ‘Screamin Demon’ Mini Vibe Jan. 20, 2015 We’ve officially unleashed the Screamin Demon, so get ready for a devilishly intense time! This new mini vibe features premium silicone “horns” that flutter with vibration and cleverly cradle the clitoris for maximum sensation. And for fans of direct stimulation, the Screamin […]

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5 Different Types of Orgasms & How to Have Them

Orgasms are like snowflakes: they’re beautiful and unique, with no two Os exactly the same. But did you know there’s more than one way to say “Yes, yes, YES!”? Here’s a breakdown of five different types of orgasms and how to give one (or all!) a try. 1. Vaginal (but not the kind you think) […]

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Screaming O Gives ‘Johnny Dare Morning Show’ a Lesson in Sex Toy 101

Aug. 18, 2016 Screaming O got a call from the Johnny Dare Morning Show last week with a special request to give the popular radio show’s host a lesson in sex toy 101. Host Johnny Dam was particularly curious to figure out how the Spork multi-use pleasure tool worked and how we came up with […]