Sex with Emily and The Screaming O
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Sex With Emily’s Emily Morse Recommends Screaming O Rings and Couples Vibes!

Emily Morse, host of the popular Sex With Emily podcast and star of Bravo’s “Miss Advised”, took to the mic this week to talk all about sex toys, and The Screaming O was her No. 1 choice for couples rings and vibes! Listen to it on iTunes now so you know what we’re talking about! […]

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Screaming O Debuts True Silicone™ RingO Pro C-rings in 3 Sizes

New seamless rings feature wide band for a strong comfort fit Screaming O has debuted the RingO Pro collection, the highest-quality and lowest-priced silicone cock rings on the market. This new series is made of True Silicone™, a lab-tested and body-safe silicone now featured in much of the company’s catalog and features a seamless shape […]

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The Screaming O Debuts New Clear ‘Barely There’ Erection Rings

The Screaming O has taken its top-selling RingO x3 cock ring 3-packs and transformed them with a discreet and trendy clear color for a softer silhouette. Once only available in black, these popular erection rings now give men the choice of a how they want to present their packages: with a hard edge or a […]

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The Screaming O’s Brings The Screaming to Your Favorite Bar and Even Your Lap Dance

The Screaming O and adult industry emcee Tony Batman are pleased to announce  nationwide interactive stage shows at bars, clubs and even strip clubs around the country, bringing not one, not two – but a whole team of dancers for some exotic (and erotic) entertainment. These aren’t just stripper events people – which means you […]

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The Screaming O Say Brings Safe Sex To College Campus

The Screaming O teamed with Sexy Suz Adult Emporium near the University of Georgia to host a sex-ed-themed event on campus for all the sexy undergrads who obviously enjoy extra-special extra-curricular activities. It’s all about the power of the condom and that safe sex can be amazing sex! No really, we’re serious! The Scream Team […]

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Screaming O Creates 1st-Ever C-Ring Made for Ball Massage

Nov. 3, 2016 Screaming O has created the first-ever cock ring made specifically for testicle massage, an unconventional two-ring design appropriately called the Dangle™ Stretchy C-Ring. It features a wide sling-like ring that extends from a separate cock ring and stretches around the base of the balls with a snug, firm fit. This isolation-like design […]

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Screaming O Sends Ted Cruz to Sex School with Lifetime Sex Toy Supply

LOS ANGELES – April 14, 2016 – Award-winning sex toy manufacturer Screaming O has partnered with the Los Angeles Academy of Sex Education (LAASE) to offer a scholarship and lifetime supply of sex toys to Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz. The thoughtful offer comes in response to Cruz’s now-very-public condemnation of masturbation and sex toys, […]

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The Screaming O Contracts Molecular Biologist for 3rd-Party Material Validation

The Screaming O has contracted noted molecular biologist Erika Batchelder to provide expert third-party validation as Phase 2 of its recent product materials verification and labeling initiative. This progressive campaign includes independent lab testing of The Screaming O’s flagship materials, including SEBS and silicone, for top quality control, and now with a third-party validator, The […]