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New Spork Pleasure Tool is the MacGyver of Sex Toys

Get ready to hack your sex life with a new all-purpose pleasure tool made to handle all of your carnal adventures – especially when ordinary sex toys just won’t cut it. The Spork is unlike anything you’ve ever seen (and looks a little confusing at first) but once you check it out, you won’t be […]

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Lab-tested, Body-safe & Affordable Sex Toys for All!

It’s been almost a year and a half since we initiated our Product Material Verification campaign and we’ve just finished Round 3 of our product materials testing. Earning – and keeping – your trust is our No. 1 priority, which means we maintain our strict materials testing standards with every new product release we make! […]

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3 Stealthy Sex Toys That’ll Pass Through TSA

3 Stealthy Sex Toys That’ll Pass Through TSA Travel can sometimes be daunting, especially when it involves airports and security lines, and it’s even tougher when you’re trying to make sure your suite of sex toys makes it through TSA without a hitch. We’ve all heard the embarrassing horror stories of agents searching bags only […]

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The Best Ways to Introduce Sex Toys into Your Relationship

Sex toys have become as common a conversation piece as the weather, but it’s still tricky to ask our partners whether or not they’d be down to try a cock ring or mini vibe. Sex toys can be intimidating, almost scary, to those of us who’ve never dreamed of putting something with a motor near […]

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BuzzFeed is Buzzing for The Screaming O Affordable Sex Toys!

BuzzFeed has just released a list of 16 sex toys that they believe are better than a boyfriend (or girlfriend, we might add!) and The Screaming O made it to two top spots. We were the ONLY manufacturer with popular sex toys for under $20 – some topped the charts at $200 or more! – […]

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New Sex Toys for Couples Turn Quickies into Colorful Affairs

Add some vibrant vibration to your spontaneous sex sessions with ColorPoP Quickies, colorful renditions of our most popular and easy-to-use disposable mini vibes and couples toys! We took your favorite shapes and gave them a brilliant boost with neon hues that inspire the high-voltage sex life that you all deserve! The ColorPoP Quickie Ling O […]

Mutual Self Satisfaction
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Masturbation Month: Mutual Self Satisfaction With Sex Toys

It’s the final Friday of May, which means Masturbation Month officially ends in just a couple of days. But no need to shed a tear or furiously finger your naughty bits – we all know that self-love is celebrated all year long. Instead, we thought we’d leave you with a sexy suggestion that turns masturbation […]

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Keep Your Sex Toys Sparkling With ‘Scream & Clean’

The Screaming O is proud to introduce Scream & Clean Toy Cleaner keeping your sex toys sparkling, a convenient and portable cleansing solution for your favorite sex toys in a flash! Because nothing kills the mood faster than finding a favorite pleasure product less than fresh, we created a fast and effective cleaner that you […]

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Sneak Peek at the Hottest Must-have Sex Toys!

We’re heading to satellite radio tomorrow to join adult starlets Ginger Lynn and Christy Canyon on Radio Sex’s “You Porn” (channel 102) for a special show dedicated to sexy holiday shopping. Screaming O resident sexperts will give one-on-one tutorials for how to pick the perfect pleasure product while giving listeners a sneak peek at the […]