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3 Ultimate Egg Vibe Pleasure Tips​

If you know about the fastest way to reach the strongest orgasms, you may know your way around the G-spot. At Screamingo, we want to give the world an easier, more comfortable and a little bit naughty way to find the ultimate in knee shaking orgasms. We’re talking about the kind of pleasure that makes […]

5 Waterproof Sex Toys for Sizzling Summer Fun

We, at Screaming O, have curated a list of 5 waterproof sex toys for sizzling summer fun. Why, you may ask? Well, as the temperature outside rises, inside, we turn down the air conditioning when it just as important to turn up the heat in the bedroom…. and the back yard, the camp ground, the […]


A Guide to The Best Male Sex Toys

At Screaming O, we don’t write guides for “dummies”. Why? Because you’ve already found your way here and that means you’re a smart and curious guy.  Whether you are exploring your sexual curiosities, seeking new ways to enhance solo-O pleasure, or are ready to spice up bedroom sessions with your one-and-only, we want to help […]

5 Thrilling Ways to Use Vibrating Panties

What You Should Know About The Most Discreet Sex Toy For Women? Want in on a spicy sex toy secret? Vibrating panties are quickly becoming one of Screaming O’s best-selling products. But, why are vibrating panties so popular? Vibrating panties are one of the best and most versatile sex toys to tease, tantalize and pleasure a woman […]

3 Stealthy Sex Toys That’ll Pass Through TSA

3 Stealthy Sex Toys That’ll Pass-Through TSA Travel can sometimes be daunting, especially when it involves airports and security lines, and it’s even tougher when you’re trying to make sure your suite of sex toys like this Cock Sleeve makes it through TSA without a hitch. We’ve all heard the embarrassing horror stories of agents searching […]

Become a Cunnilingus Pro in 9 Simple Steps

Become a Cunnilingus Pro in 9 Simple Steps Cunnilingus. Muff-diving. Good ol’ oral sex. It’s a common concern among men and women eager to please their partners with their “linguistic” skills and understandably so! The vulva (the accurate term for female genitalia) can be complicated to navigate, especially knowing that no one woman enjoys the […]

Screaming O Completes Semi-Annual Materials Testing

LOS ANGELES – August 2, 2019 – In its ongoing commitment to exceed industry standards on issues of consumer health and safety, Screaming O has completed its latest round of voluntary materials testing at an independent laboratory. The company is proud to announce that all materials have once again passed with flying colors. Says Account […]

It’s Gettin’ Hot in Hare! Charged Ohare® Rabbit Vibe Now Available in XL

Spring is in the air, and there is some major buzz flying around Screaming O. Everybody’s favorite rechargeable, wearable rabbit vibe, the Charged Ohare®, is now available in an extra-large size. Tracing its origins back to the iconic rabbit-shaped vibrator made famous by “Sex and the City,” Screaming O capitalized on a fan favorite, and […]

Tri-It! and Love It! – Our Vibe Wins Sex Toy of the Year

Time to Marie Kondo your pleasure chest and ditch the one-dimensional vibes that no longer spark joy.  Users and critics agree – Screaming O’s innovative new Charged Tri-it! Vibe is the best of the best, proving so by winning the 2019 XBIZ Sex Toy of the Year trophy in the Powered (Vibrating) category.   A […]

Better Sex Through Self-Confidence

It’s no secret that self-confidence can have a direct effect on our lives, but did you know that feeling good about yourself can lead to better, more satisfying sex? And even more orgasms? Multiple studies over the last 15-or-so years suggest that sexual dissatisfaction and even sexual dysfunction are related to a variety of cognitive […]