How Do I Choose the Right Ring for Me?


Overwhelmed with all of the cock ring choices out there? We don’t blame you! Each one boasts different bells and whistles with colors and functions galore – so how on Earth do you pick the right one? Finding the perfect sex toy doesn’t have to be a chore, and there’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to this stuff; just trial and error with lots of practice – but that’s the fun part!

Here are useful tips to help you pick the best erection ring, vibrating ring, cock ring – whatever you want to call it – and have better sex tonight!

Know the Differences.

Cock rings come in so many sizes, shapes and styles so the first step is to understand how they’re all different.

1. Vibrating rings are simple, super-stretchy rings with a mini motor attached specifically to add clitoral or perineum (aka taint) stimulation to sex. Worn around his entire package, the comfortable ring simply keeps the motor in place as it helps his partner get closer to orgasm with every stroke. They do not fit tight and do not keep his erections hard and firm – that’s what a cock ring is for!

2. Non-vibrating cock rings are exactly that. No motors, no dangly bits; just a ring (usually stretchy so that they fit most men) that stretches around the shaft and testicles at the base of the body and fits tight and snug. (But of course, if you notice unusual swelling or pain, take it off right away.) These are worn primarily to help keep erections hard and firm and help men last longer during sex – often with delayed orgasms that feel incredibly intense.

3. Vibrating cock rings offer the same erection-strengthening effects as non-vibrating cock rings but with a vibrating motor attached for added stimulation. The vibrating motor can stimulate his partner in many ways – if with a woman, it buzzes against her clitoris to help her reach orgasm easier; if with a man, the ring can be worn upside down with the motor buzzing against his taint. Vibrating cock rings can help couples orgasm together and make sex feel even better for both partners.

Know Your Needs

Once you know what you’re looking at, it’s time to figure out what you’re looking for. What are you hoping to accomplish with your purchase? Do you want to prevent premature ejaculation? Do you need a little boost so you can last as long as your partner? Does your female partner want clitoral stimulation without having to use her (or your) fingers? These are all important things that cock rings can help you accomplish – and once you know what you want, you can much easier pick the product that fits your sexual lifestyle. And don’t be afraid to try new things!

Know Your Options

Now it’s time to shop, and sure enough you’re facing a huge selection of cock rings from all different brands. Some are stretchy, some have more than one motor, others have extensions and ticklers that might do the trick even better. This is the most fun part of the shopping process – we recommend bringing your partner and picking your favorites together – because now you can get creative with the fancy stuff.

For example, you know you want a vibrating cock ring so you can stay hard and she can come faster. Now you can scan through the vibrating cock ring section and see if any colors, materials or special features stand out. Maybe she wants a vibrating motor that’s bigger than most. Maybe you want a vibrating cock ring with a rechargeable battery for a more eco-friendly option. Fortunately there’s something for everyone, even the most discerning buyer; all it takes is curiosity, enthusiasm and some time set aside to shop. And don’t be afraid to buy more than one at a time – if you like it, keep it. If you don’t, toss it. There are so many affordable and VERY effective options out there, your cock ring research doesn’t have to break the bank! So start shopping now and see what’s out there – you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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