Last-minute Sexy Gifts Under $8

Last-minute Sexy Gifts Under $8

There’s only a few days left before Santa packs sleigh – have you gotten every gift on your shopping list? With the ho-ho-holiday in full swing it’s getting down to the wire and chances are you’re still looking for that sexy gift for that special someone. (It’s OK, we procrastinated, too.) Last-minute shopping on a tight budget isn’t easy, but we’ve put together a quick guide of our most popular, vibrating rings, sexy and romantic gifts under $8. It’s our last-minute gift to you, so Merry Christmas to all and to YOU a good hot night!

Sexy Gifts Under $8!

The Original Screaming O Vibrating Ring
The Screaming O is the award-winning revolutionary disposable sex secret that enhances the ability to achieve incredible pleasure for both partners. The stretchy ring fits around his package with ease while the powerful mini motor up top stimulates her clitoris with sensational results! With pleasure knobs for him and ticklers for her, both partners are stimulated by intense wireless vibration that couples can feel from the inside out!

Climax Cream
Screaming O Climax Cream takes female pleasure to new heights with an all-natural formula featuring special ingredient L-arginine that boosts blood flow for an extra-sensitive engorged feeling. She simply applies a pearl-sized amount to the clitoris and rubs it in completely for sensual enhancement that can help her reach orgasm quicker and easier. Tasteless, odorless and glycerin-free, Screaming O Climax Cream is the natural choice for sexual enhancement that helps couples build intimacy and boost pleasure.

The RingO is a super-stretchy ring that keeps him harder longer with a fuller erection and mind-blowing orgasms – and it even helps with premature ejaculation prevention. Stretch the RingO around the base of the penis for comfortable intimate enhancement an intensely better sex. The tight constriction even helps his package look bigger in jeans, boxer briefs or out in the open – it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

The O-Joy provides intimate stimulation of the non-vibrating kind with a convenient “digit divot” that lets you press down and choose the perfect amount of pressure! Ergonomically designed with 3 stimulation zones and a stretchy erection band, the O-Joy gives full-frontal pleasure to couples looking for an alternative to traditional vibration!

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