New Orbit Vibrating Erection Ring Sends Couples Over the Moon


We’ve sent a new sex toy out into the universe and its unique color and shape is out of this world. The Orbit is different from traditional stretchy erection rings because of its distinctive rocket-like silhouette, which provides a wider contact point with the clitoris while maintaining a snug fit that helps prevent premature ejaculation. So not only do couples benefit from longer-lasting sex, but this sex toy for couples also increases her chances of reaching orgasm – it’s the ultimate win-win!

The Orbit is a stretchy vibrating cock ring made of glossy white SEBS – a lab-tested body-safe material that stretches to fit almost anyone – with a unique rocket-like vibrator at the top. Its unique power position provides direct contact to the clitoris, the clitoral hood, and its surrounding sensitive zones with three warp speeds and one pulse mode that couples can toggle through with the push of a button.

The ring itself features a smooth interior that lies flush against the skin for a stay-put fit without the typical tight feeling of most cock rings, yet it feels soft and flexible against delicate skin.  Stretched around either the base of the penis or both the penis and testicles, the Orbit will feel secure – but not uncomfortable – as it helps slow blood flow to keep him harder and last longer.

We had fun incorporating unique spaceship-like design elements that also boosted the Orbit’s functionality, and in the end we wound up with a one-of-a-kind shape with enhanced performance to boot. And as with all stretchy Screaming O products, the Orbit is made using only certified and lab-tested body-safe SEBS to assure a quality, body-safe experience that men and women of all kinds can enjoy.


So strap in and start your better-sex countdown today – the Orbit feels so good it’ll make you see stars!

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