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5 Waterproof Sex Toys for Sizzling Summer Fun

We, at Screaming O, have curated a list of 5 waterproof sex toys for sizzling summer fun. Why, you may ask? Well, as the temperature outside rises, inside, we turn down the air conditioning when it just as important to turn up the heat in the bedroom…. and the back yard, the camp ground, the pool and the lake. Wherever summer fun takes you, we have a list of 5 must-have, waterproof sex toys to take along with you and make your summer adventures as sexy as they can be.Pack this sweet, portable, compact powerhouse of a waterproof vibrator in your overnight bag, backpack or picnic basket. It has a soft, silky feel and is powered by a low frequency, rumbling motor that gives you all of the intense thrills without the buzz that oftentimes desensitizes sensitive bits.

Better yet, the Screaming O Bestie Bullet offers you 10 teasing, tantalizing settings of vibration and pulsation controlled with a simple push of a button. Imagine teasing her clitoris, nipples and everywhere in between until she is squirming. Stimulate his penis and taint to render him breathless, hard and ready to go with this powerful waterproof sex toy.

Plus, you can take this little vibe from the campground to the lake or from the bedroom to the shower as it’s a 100% waterproof sex toy. In addition, this little pleaser is rechargeable via a true USB port and not unstable magnet connections. Each charge provides you with 60 minutes of play so you can make those hot summer nights sultry, sexy and memorable.I’m sure when you think of strokers or masturbation sleeves, you imagine that they are used primarily for masturbation. And, if you do, you are missing out on the most exciting ways of using a stroker to pleasure him. So, grab a Jackits Throttle Stroker waterproof sex toy, put it in the nightstand or pack it into your overnight bag for some mind-blowing moves just for him!

The Throttle Stroker masturbater is made of body-safe, stretchy, squishy SEBS, so it feels incredible when slipped around his penis. It’s open ended, meaning, nothing accumulates in the end. Plus, the open-ended design itself is what allows for you to squeeze, stroke and ravish every inch of him in several creative and naughty ways.

  • Add a little lube and manhandle his entire length till he expl-O-des

  • Use the Throttle Stroker during oral sex for an unbelievable, deep-throat feel, without the gag.

  • If he’s well endowed, have him wear the stroker during intercourse so he can hit that g-spot with precision.

  • Stroke him to the edge of big-O, then climb on, enjoy the stroker against your clitoris and ride him to climax.

Grab this unique, powerful and 100% waterproof vibe and make this summer the steamiest yet. The Tri-It Charged vibrator is perfect for the pool, the hotel room or a secluded beach (just be careful of the sand!). With 3 silky, firm silicone points of contact, her clitoris and surrounding sweet spots are bathed in deep, rumbling sensations that will have her Screaming O in no time.

Toggle through the 20 FUNctions with one button ease and watch her squirm. The Power Positive motor will keep going for a full 60 minutes on a single charge. And when it comes to charging, the convenient USB ports give you various ways to charge the vibrator while on the go. The Tri-It vibe waterproof sex toy will become your sizzling summer go-to plaything, all season long.Watching the butterflies flitter and dance through fields of flowers is a lazy, summer day past time. But how about harnessing those flittering wings and bringing them into the pool for some wet and wild summer fun? With the Monarch Wearable Butterfly Vibe waterproof sex toy you can stay harder for longer while allowing the butterfly wings to stimulate and pleasure her clitoris and labia.

Slide the smaller, silicone ring to the base of your penis or use the larger, stretchy ring to encompass your shaft and balls together. Then, turn on the vibrating cock ring and choose the right speed or pulsation and bring her closer to climax with every single stroke. And who knows, this may be the night you both reach that body-numbing orgasm together!Okay, so technically, this is 2 separate waterproof sex toys. But they go perfectly together to form such a decadently, naughty pair, that they are a must-have matching set for sizzling summer fun. The Screaming O Bullet and Ring for him is small, discreet and easy to take along on those summer vacations or staycations in your own back yard.

Additionally, the Rechargeable Remote Panty Vibrator fits right in your purse or overnight bag. Both waterproof sex toys are made to be worn under the clothing. And I highly recommend a summer dress or bikini for her and loose-fitting shorts or trunks for him. Next, head out to the pool or a summer dinner party to let the naughty, secret fun begin..

You see, the magic is in the one-size-fits-all, remote control ring. You wear hers and she wears yours. Then watch closely as you make your lover’s secret sex toy rumble, pulsate and vibrate and they wiggle, squirm and quiver with excitement from up to 50 feet away. Try and hold your composure as the sweet tingles of orgasm begin to creep in.

His cock ring is made to fit comfortably around his shaft and includes a powerful, quiet vibrator that massages and stimulates his perineum and testicles. Her panty vibe rests perfectly against her delicate folds to rumble and vibrate every sensual nerve ending.

And it’s okay if you’re too shy for public play, wear the his and her secret vibrators in your swimsuits and splash around the back-yard pool till things get so hot, you are out of those suits and skinny dipping in minutes. Then wash your favorite new waterproof sex toys with soap and water, dry and recharge for the next event…. I hear your neighbors are having a barbeque! We all can’t wait for summer fun! And many of us love to spend money on vacations, weekends away or just a day at the beach. So, while you are budgeting for those warm weather splurges, don’t forget to invest in your sexual satisfaction by purchasing some exciting, waterproof sex toys. Unlike summer vacations, where you walk away with cherished memories, investing in fun, waterproof sex toys will bring you orgasmic delight for many summers (and winters) to come. (no pun intended) So explore Screaming O’s selection of waterproof sex toys and find the perfect travel companion. And don’t forget to start a sizzling summer conversation with your best friends by hitting one of the share buttons below. Maybe they’ll invite you to their next pool party!