The Charged® Collection

Time to upgrade your tired bedroom toys and take Charge of your sex life with rechargeable bullet vibes, rechargeable vibrators and longer-lasting play and sex toys that elevate your skills between the sheets.   Screaming O’s Charged Collection offers the perfect mix of powerful vibrations and long lasting battery life that are both ergonomically and economically pleasing:)Browse our broad offering of rechargeable vibes and rings, or contact our sexual health support staff to help you find a low rumbling toy that will keep you saying O!

Magnet-Free True USB Charging

Our Charged Collection of sex toys feature magnet-free, true USB charging so your plaything is charged and ready to go when you are.

We’ve seen other sex toys that boast about their USB charging features. However, many of those other brands rely on magnetic contacts to charge their toys. Unfortunately, if you slightly bump your charging surface, sneeze or even breathe in the general vicinity, the magnets disconnect. As a result, you jump into bed that night only to realize your fancy new rechargeable toy didn’t recharge.

You won’t have that problem with our Charged Collection of toys. They all feature an actual plug-in cord that connects to any universal USB charging port so you can plug your toy into your computer, wall charger and anywhere else you would normally charge your cell phone. (Though we don’t recommend your mom’s kitchen counter) Plus, we use Lithium Polymer batteries in many of our sex toy models so they don’t overheat and will hold a charge for 60 minutes or more for longer-lasting play.

Finally, some of our Charged toys, like the Charged Positive Vibe, include a charging stand that holds your toy in place while it’s charging. And once your toy is charged and ready for fun, flip the stand over and it becomes a cradle that you grip between your fingers for comfortable control.

Only the Best for Your Private Parts

At Screaming O, we care about you and your private parts. That’s why all of our products go through regular, independent laboratory testing to ensure you get only the highest quality sex toys made from body safe materials for the most comfortable and satisfying bedroom experiences. And all of our packaging clearly displays what our toys are made from, so you can be confident when you choose any of our Screaming O products. Our sex toys feature:

Body Safe Materials

Each and every toy in our Charged Collection is made from body safe materials that protect you from allergic reactions and skin irritations.

  • ABS: A safe, non-porous and non-toxic plastic.
  • PU: Polyurethane is a non-toxic material used to cover some of our ABS toys, giving them a softer feel that is less cold to the touch.
  • SEBS: Styrene-ethylene/butylene-styrene is a safe, non-toxic alternative to silicone that is stretchy, comfortable and less expensive for our budget conscious buyers.
  • True Silicone®: Our 100% silicone material that is luxuriously soft and silky, hypoallergenic and holds up well through countless hours of hot play and cleansing without breaking down, cracking or degrading.

Our Exclusive Positive® and Vooom® Motors

Our very own Vooom® and Positive® motors were designed to give you a much deeper stimulation than products that simply buzz. With a dense, rumbling sensation that matches your body’s own orgasmic rhythm, our motors won’t desensitize sensitive areas like the clitoris, preventing that numb feeling many vibrators give you. Our motors take stimulation to a whole new level, well, up to 20 levels! Not only do you get various speeds of rumbling vibrations, you will be teased and tantalized with 20 delicious sensations of steady vibration, pulsation and escalation.

So, whether you love a steady “OOOOOOOOOOOO!” and pulsating “O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O! “or an up and down escalating ride “oooooOOOOOOooooo!” our Vooom® and Positive® motors will give you an explosive good time, every time.

And your screams of pure ecstasy will be the only sound waking up the kids because our motors are quiet and discreet.

Body Conscious Designs for Better Handling and Bigger Orgasms

Don’t judge a book by its cover, they say. And when it comes to our Screaming O toys, it doesn’t have to look like a penis to get you off. Our unique, body conscious designs are ergonomic, comfortable and easy to handle. Our designs feature larger contact areas for better orgasms, chunkier designs that are much easier to hold onto in the heat of the moment and shapes that reach all the sweet spots.

Grab onto the stubby grip of our Rub-It! Charged Vibe. It features a wide surface that distributes those incredible Positive® vibrations all over for deep and satisfying climaxes. Use the Rub-It! For sensual massages, intense clitoral stimulation for her or perineal stimulation for him.

Wrap her V around the Reach-It! Charged Vibe and hit that g-spot with precision every single time. The Reach-It! is beautifully curved, made of our silky True Silicone® and features 20 rumbling sensations with easy, push-button control. Pick your favorite setting or toggle back and forth between several for O! so amazing climaxes. And you don’t have to leave him out of the fun! With the special, curved design, you can give him an external perineal massage that will have him mO!aning with pleasure.

Or slide your hands around the unique design of the Affordable Rechargeable Moove Vibe with its all-over True Silicone® body. With a spring inside the neck, the firm head swirls, flexes and bends with every wiggle and thrust of your body. The head contains our powerful Vooom motor with 20 mind-altering FUNctions and 60 minutes of playtime on a full charge.

His Hers and Theirs

Our Charged Collection of toys include playthings for everyone from the beginner to the sex toy savvy. It doesn’t matter of you’re looking for a simple toy to spice up your relationship or you’re ready to step up your wild adventures between the sheets, we have something to fulfill all of your desires.

  • Take a Bullet for Your Lover: Bullet vibes are the smallest, most discreet and versatile sex toys around and The Screaming O Charged® Bestie Bullet will not disappoint! With 5 speeds of rumbling vibrations and 5 pulsating settings, this sweet little bullet vibe is ready to stimulate his or her most sensitive spots.
  • Stimulate Her: Rock her world with our Try-It! Charged Vibe. Powered with our Positive® motor featuring 20 titillating settings this vibe is unbelievable. With 3 points of contact to tickle her clitoris while simultaneously stimulating the nerve rich tissues of her labia, she will quiver with delight and explO!de like you’ve never seen before!
  • Be the Rabbit: What girl needs a rabbit vibe when you can be her personal living, breathing rabbit vibrator?! Slip on our smooth, stretchy True Silicone Charged O-Hare double cock ring and become the rabbit. One ring grips the shaft of the penis while the second ring slides over the shaft and around his testicles to keep the cock ring and vibrator in place, giving him an even more pleasurable sexual experience. The rabbit ears are powered with our 10 function Vooom motor and vibrate to give her a deep, clitoral stimulation with every thrust of his body. Can you scream mutual orgasm? Check out our full line of Charged battery operated, reChargeable cock rings and discover just how thrilling sex can be.
  • Bottom’s Up: When you are ready to expand your racy, bedroom adventures, try our My Secret Charged Plug with Remote for orgasm inducing sensations for her and intense, direct p-spot stimulation for him. Made from our soft, True Silicone material, our butt plug is tapered at the top for comfortable insertion that’s perfect for bottom-play beginners. With 20 different rumbling sensations and a remote control that operates from up to 40 feet away, this toy is sure to take you places you’ve never been before.

Upgrade to Remote Control

Never again will you be left clinging to the edge of orgasm as you struggle to hit the right button that will take you over the top. Our Charged Collection remote control vibrators and enticing remote control panties are the apex of erotic play. But our Charged Vooom Remote Control Bullet is not only a must-have for everyone who enjoys a satisfying O, you can swap it out for any regular, removable bullet in any of our sex toys. So, try it, love it and upgrade it to remote control!

With a range of up to 40 feet, the Charged remote control feature is made to hug the palm of your hand, allows you to quickly toggle between your favorite rousing settings and has a handy wrist strap so it doesn’t get lost during your red-hot sex play.

We Got Your Covered

Our Charged Collection of toys are all durable, waterproof and are backed with a 2-year warranty. So, satisfy your insatiable appetite for something exciting and new. Jump into the deep end and get yourself wet with the Charged Collection of Screaming O sex toys.

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Showing 25–31 of 31 results