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Couples' Favorites

Sex toys help couples of all kinds enjoy better, more satisfying sex while building stronger intimacy and having lots of fun! The Screaming O makes it easy for couples to bring sex toys into their bedrooms with more than 70 different shapes and styles to try, and with 10+ years of business under our belts, we’ve gotten to know our customers quite well.

We’ve personally selected some of our best-selling and most popular products made especially for couples to enjoy together. From longer-lasting sex to sneaky fun in public, these fan-favorites keep couples coming back for more with shapes, styles and stimulators designed with couples’ needs in mind.

Dynamo Delay

Dynamo Delay is a brand new male desensitizing spray, the first and only FDA-compliant delay spray proudly made in the USA using a concentrated 13% lidocaine formula, which means men can improve stamina, increase endurance and prolong pleasure with just a few sprays and barely any extra effort. Gone are the days of counting backwards, thinking about baseball, and every other mental trick to keep from coming – now he can stay present and focused on his partner’s pleasure without worrying about whether he’s about to explode.

Compared to other leading delay sprays, Dynamo Delay is 35% more concentrated, contains 50% more product and twice the number of sprays per bottle, all at about half the cost per spray! Dynamo Delay is now the most affordable, most effective and most powerful male genital desensitizing spray available. Improve stamina, increase endurance, and prolong pleasure in minutes – without a prescription!

Ling O

Oral sex is some couples’ favorite way to get busy but sometimes we need a little boost the help our tired tongues! The Ling O is a simple and small mini vibe that turns your tongue into a human vibrator and adds a stimulating twist to ordinary oral. Simply stretch the ring around your tongue, position the motor where it feels most comfortable, and let the vibrator do the rest of the work!

ColorPoP® Fing O’s®

Sometimes fingers are couples’ favorite sex toys – they’re easily accessible and (usually) always available, especially for foreplay or sex positions that require extra stimulation or a friendly reach-around. So why not give your fingers a vibrating boost? The ColorPoP Fing O is the neon-hued version of our most powerful bullet vibe you can wear comfortably around your finger for direct stimulation wherever you – or your partner – want it. It’s a perfect choice for couples looking for a small-but-powerful sex toy that makes it easy to incorporate vibration into almost any intimate situation.

PrimO Apex

The PrimO Apex is the perfect way to incorporate silicone into your bedroom routine, thanks to its simple functionality and affordable price point. For many couples, silicone is a must-have sex toy material that often comes with a lofty price tag, but the PrimO Apex (as with all of The Screaming O’s silicone products) was specially created to provide the benefits of 100% body-safe silicone material without breaking the bank. This vibrating cock ring helps couples hit sensational heights with a powerful 4-function motor positioned vertically for optimal clitoral stimulation – or try wearing it upside down to give his testicles and taint some special attention!


This clever cock ring turns him into a rabbit vibe – the sex toy made famous by Sex and the City! – with a snug and secure double ring to keep it in place! This unique design features two stretchy rings, one for around the penis and one for around the penis and testicles, to give him an impressive “boost” while positioning the rabbit’s soft and flexible rabbit ears for perfect clitoral massage. Made of 100% body-safe silicone, the Ohare gives couples a brand new way to enjoy an iconic sex toy shape loved by women and their partners around the world.

The Screaming O® Vibrating Ring

This is The Screaming O’s flagship product, a simple-but-powerful vibrating ring that has won countless awards for its ability to help women reach orgasm during vaginal sex. Sex educators and sex therapists alike know that a majority of women need some form of clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm and The Screaming O Vibrating Ring was specially designed – and is professionally recommended – to transfer vibration to the clitoris each time her partner’s body makes contact with hers. The ring is incredibly stretchy (it’s NOT a cock ring!) so the motor stays in place without constricting the wearer, making it a perfect first-time or beginner vibrating ring for couples exploring the wonderful world of sex toys!

My Secret Screaming O Remote Control Panty

Put the power of pleasure into your partner’s hands with My Secret Vibrating Panty Set, a powerful vibrating bullet that fits discreetly into a side-tie lace panty that fits up to 60-inch waists. When worn in the panty’s pocket, the vibrating bullet sits comfortably against the body and buzzes with 10 different vibration functions designed to tease, please and make you plead for more. Discreet enough to wear under clothing and out on the town and sexy enough to match with any lingerie, the My Secret Vibrating Panty Set is a sexy solution for spicing up any sex life!