Sex Toys For Women

At Screaming O, your pleasure is our specialty. That’s why we offer a collection of erotic sex toys for women to enhance your sol-O pleasure or add a spicy new dimension to couple’s sex. Our selection of vibrating playthings includes small but mighty bullets, discreet vibrators in disguise and unique vibrators. We’ve equipped many of them with powerful, low-density motors that rumble, rather than buzz so you get screaming O’s without that desensitizing buzz. Plus, all of our sex toys for women are crafted with body-safe silicone, SEBS and ABS to keep your naughty bits healthy and satisfied. See more here or scroll down to learn more.

Pleasure Products for Women

Sex toys have been helping us women find and enhance our sexual selves for centuries. Thank goodness we have advanced past stone dildos, horrifying masturbation machines and vibrator wands that are as big as our arms. Screaming O has sensual toys that are made from body-safe, silky materials and are accessible, even for the gal on a budget. 

Good Vibrations: Bullet Vibes For Pinpoint Pleasure

One of the most underestimated ways to pleasure yourself is with miniature vibrating bullets. With a small, compact size, vibrating bullets offer discreet and powerful Os as well as being a great little toy for massage, teasing and even working out those tight muscles in your neck. There are many models to choose from, depending on what you are looking for

  • Our Screaming O bullets are affordable thrills  and powerful sensations.
  • Color Pop bullet. With 3 speeds, bright colors, pulsation and a price that can’t be beat, you’ll have a hard time saying no-o-o-oooooo.
  • If you prefer a softer touch down there, relish the clitoral sensations with our Soft-Touch bullets. Choose from 5 colors and the same 4 O-inducing FUNctions.

Vooom Motor Vibrations

Yes, women are sensitive. Especially with a vibrator that buzzes the sensitivity right out of our naughty bits! Introducing our exclusive Vooom motor; for deep, rumbling vibrations you can feel inside your body. So, don’t suffer from numbness, try our Vooom Bullet for discreet O’s wherever you go or our Vooom Soft Touch bullet for a super-silky feel.

Want to add more O to your solo love? Try the super-sleek, compact Bestie Bullet for 20 tantalizing FUNctions to rumble you into O-blivian. Better yet, the Bestie Bullet is rechargeable, lasts 60 minutes on a single charge and is 100% waterproof. So, toss the Bestie in your bag and savor the deep vibrations anywhere you find yourself wet.

Solo Bliss: Clitoral Stimulating Products

Show your clitoris some major love with one of our clitoral stimulating vibes. First, the Charged Fingo gives you a finger strap-on with titillating nubs and a 10 FUNction Vooom motor for mind-blowing climaxes. Finger vibrators are unassuming and let you add to your own self care routine without changing much in terms of your methods or techniques.

Next, consider the Screamin’ Demon with it’s soft, silicone wings and clitoral nub to bathe all of your sweet spots in total ecstasy. The wings help to reach the most sensitive e-zones and are ergonomically designed to help you achieve intense climax.

Finally, check out the unique Tri-It Charged Vibe. With 3 targeted points of clitoral and labia stimulation, you will c-O-llapse in a satisfied heap before the 60-minute, rechargeable battery gives out. The Tri-It Vibe features 20 delicious, rumbling vibrations, pulsations and escalation patterns for sensations sOOO amazing, you may tell your friends you’re staying home on Friday night.

Shhh: My Secret For Discreet Adult Play

Whether it’s your first time shopping for a women’s sex toy, or you’d rather keep your secret pleasures in a discreet package, Screaming O has the vibrating plaything just for you. Our My Secret Screaming O cosmetic vibrators will give you a blush to your cheeks that will put your make-up to shame.

The My Secret Screaming O Lipstick is cleverly disguised, won’t embarrass you at the airport x-ray machine and gives you 4 SINsational settings for discreet O’s. And with a smooth, silicone top, this powerful little vibe will feel great against your sensitive spots. Or, you can choose from our Lip Balm or Mascara to wrap your pleasure products in a clever disguise.

Finally, if you crave top-secret, naughty fun, try our My Secret Screaming O Vibrating Panty Set. Enjoy the deep, rumbly fun at home, while you do the housework or hand off the top-secret remote-control ring and let your lover control your wiggles, quivers and squirms. Our tie-side panties fit most feminine curves and feature a pocket in which to tuck your tiny, powerful vibrator.

Picking Your Pleasure

Whether you are shopping for the first time, or you are an erotic sexpert, Screaming O has the right battery-operated plaything for your solo or couple’s pleasure. Fulfill your wildest fantasies, spice things up in the bedroom or enjoy discreet climaxes with any one of our affordable sex toys for women. If you have any question’s, contact us and ask for help from one of our sexual health experts on staff!

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Showing 25–38 of 38 results