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Why The Screaming O?
Why a Vibrating Ring?
Why can some women achieve orgasm during sex, but I can’t?
What is the Screaming O Vibrating Ring?
How does a Vibrating Ring work?
How long does the motor last?
What are “pleasure knobs” and what do they do?
I have seen other vibrating rings on the market, what’s the difference?
What’s the difference between a cockring and a penis ring?
How do I introduce sex toys to my girlfriend or boyfriend
How do I care for my Screaming O products
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Why The Screaming O?

The Screaming O is the top-selling, award-winning, best-reviewed adult novelty company behind some of the most popular and innovative adult toys on the market and has successfully enhanced romantic relationships since 2005. We promote a sex-positive message with a modern approach to help reinvent the way men and women have sex – and have fun doing it! – and we’re incredibly proud of what we do.

Plus, our flagship product, the Screaming O Vibrating Ring, was named “Best Product of 2008” Women’s Health Magazine, and the Big O vibrating erection band was named “Top Pick” by renowned sex educator Dr. Sue Johanson, host of the Oxygen network’s popular “Talk Sex With Sue.” We’ve also been featured in top TV, radio and print media including Cosmopolitan, Maxim, and CBS’s “The Doctors” all in the name of good (and even better) sex!

Why a Vibrating Ring?

Vibrating rings help women have orgasms. ‘Nuff said, right?

Vibrating rings feature a vibrating mini motor positioned at the top that stimulates the clitoris during intercourse. With each “thrust,” she feels the kind of external stimulation that approximately 75 percent of women need to have an orgasm.

Many men, women and couples don’t know that intercourse (aka penetration) isn’t the only way to give a woman an orgasm. In fact, only about 30 percent are able to orgasm from penetration alone without the added benefit of a vibrating sex toy. That’s why vibrating rings are the best sex toy for couples!

These stretchy rings fit almost any penis easily and comfortably. Worn at the base of the penis, vibrating rings fit safely and securely for ultimate hands-free sexual stimulation.

Why can some women achieve orgasm during sex, but I can’t?

You’re not broken – you’re normal! (But what’s normal, right?) Most women – approximately 75% – need clitoral stimulation in order to have an orgasm and it’s all because of how you’re built! There are several theories behind this, ranging from anatomical structure to emotional clarity, but at the end of the day, it all comes down to stimulation. The clitoris is the female body’s key and most sensitive sex organ, and the more it’s stimulated, the closer to orgasm you’ll get!

And that’s why we’re in the vibration business! See for yourself how a mini massager or vibrating ring can help you have an orgasm (or maybe two!) and enjoy incredibly satisfying sex!

What is the Screaming O Vibrating Ring?

The Screaming O Vibrating Ring is the top-selling, award-winning and doctor-recommended sex secret that helps couples come together and have more satisfying sex! This super-stretchy silicone blend ring has a mini motor positioned at the top that stimulates her clitoris each time he thrusts. It’s worn around the shaft and balls right at the base of the penis, but unlike a cock ring, the Screaming O Vibrating Ring fits comfortably and doesn’t feel tight. The powerful vibration even travels through his penis (which feels AMAZING) so you both can feel it as you get down to business. And when you’re done, simply throw it away and leave no evidence behind.

The Screaming O Vibrating Ring is the longest-lasting, most powerful disposable ring on the market. Try one today!

How does a Vibrating Ring work?

A Vibrating Ring works by positioning a mini vibrator above the penis so that it can make contact with the clitoris during intercourse. With each “thrust,” the ring’s vibrating motor touches and rubs against the clitoris for powerful stimulation that many women need in order to reach orgasm. The ring itself is comfortable, discreet and keeps the vibrating motor in place – and leaves your hands free to have fun!

Simply switch it On and enjoy the ride!

How long does the motor last?

The Screaming O Vibrating Ring buzzes for more than 30 minutes with an easy on/off switch that helps you conserve battery life.

The Screaming O’s collection of vibrating cock rings last between 60 and 80 minutes (depending on the product) and provide an incredible range of sensations and sexual benefits. Try each one to find your favorites!

What are “pleasure knobs” and what do they do?

The Screaming O’s patented pleasure knobs are designed to send vibration from the motor throughout the ring – and his penis – and turn him into a human vibrator! She’ll be able to feel him inside and out, making for an unforgettably satisfying sexual experience.

I have seen other vibrating rings on the market. What’s the difference?

I have seen other vibrating rings on the market, what’s the difference?

Why settle for less when you can have the original! The Screaming O Vibrating Ring is the only award-winning vibrating ring on the market that’s been awarded by Women’s Health magazine and comes recommended by sex therapists and doctors alike. Quality is our No. 1 priority, and the Screaming O Vibrating Ring is men’s, women’s and couples’ first choice.

Top Features & Benefits include:

  • Voted “Top Product” and “Best Ring” by Women’s Health magazine
  • 30+ Minutes of Battery Life
  • Custom Designed Pleasure Knobs
  • Hermetically Sealed Pouch for Your Protection
  • Compact, Travel-friendly Package

What’s the difference between a cockring and a penis ring?

Vibrating cock rings and vibrating rings may look similar, but they offer completely different sexual enhancement functions!

Vibrating rings are stretchy rings with a vibrating motor at the top designed to stimulate the clitoris during intercourse. The ring keeps the motor in place so couples can enjoy the ride hands-free and helps them have more satisfying sex.

Vibrating cock rings are tight and snug rings designed to introduce new sensations, promote more intense orgasms, and to help prevent premature ejaculation. A vibrating motor is positioned at the top (just like a vibrating ring) to provide her with essential clitoral stimulation at the same time. Cock rings can also help provide intense pleasure to their partners and can help couples reach a new level of intimacy – and possibly even have simultaneous or multiple orgasms!

How do I introduce sex toys to my girlfriend or boyfriend?

For some of us, sex toys are new territory and may be a bit intimidating to try. It can be even harder to introduce the idea to your partner, but there are ways to welcome mini vibrators, love rings, cock rings and other couples toys into the bedroom without cramping anyone’s style.

Ever heard this before? My girl doesn’t need a sex toy.

Or how about: My boyfriend isn’t battery operated.

You’re not the only one. There’s a taboo around sex toys that’s hard to break and some men and women feel uncomfortable or intimidated. But they’re not relationship replacements! Sure, they’re certainly fun to use solo, but these vibrators, vibrating rings and sexy gifts aren’t just for the ladies to enjoy!

For tips on how to talk about it with your partner, click [here]

How do I care for my Screaming O products?

Screaming O sex toys are easy to clean and keep in tip-top shape! Our products are the highest-quality materials available and are best kept clean using warm water and antibacterial soap. It is not necessary to remove their motors first. Be sure to dry your Screaming O products completely (we recommend letting them air dry on their own) and store them in a cool and dry place away from lint and dust, like you would with any sex toy or intimate product!

Note: Do not boil Screaming O products or put them in the dish washer! Our SEBS and silicone materials are lab-tested, body-safe and non-toxic, but repeated exposure to high levels of heat could potentially cause the materials to break down and affect their quality.


Do you offer discreet shipping?

Our products are shipped with 100% discreetly in plain packaging to maintain your privacy. The label will be addressed to you from “Bushman Products” and your credit card bill will be from Bushman Products. It will not mention or display what product you ordered.

How will my order be shipped?

All orders are shipped via United States Postal Service or UPS. International orders are shipped via UPS Worldwide.

How much is shipping?

Shipping rates vary depending on order size, location and service. Shipping rates can be determined by going through the checkout process. The total shipping cost will be provided before you confirm your order.

On domestic orders (within the United States only) we offer FREE shipping on orders more than $40. The free shipping option will appear when your cart contains $40 or more of product.

International Orders: Import duties, taxes, and charges are not included in the item price or shipping cost. These charges are the buyer’s responsibility. Please check with your country’s customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to purchasing.

When will you ship out my order?

Orders placed by 2 p.m. (PST) will be shipped out the same day.
Orders placed on Friday after 3 p.m. (PST) will be processed on the following business day.

How long will it take to get my order?

This will vary depending on when you placed your order, which shipping method you chose, and your location. After you place your order, you can contact customer service for your tracking information.


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