Keep those erotic fires burning and your Screaming O sex toys running with our selection of sexual accessories, sexcessories. Add to your between-the-sheets adventures with arousing accessories like our discreet and naughty remote-control, vibrating panties. Or, amp-up oral sex and hand-jobs and love-making with our textured, squishy-stretchy sleeves. Plus, we have potions to tingle her clitoris and make him last longer. And, since no one wants to grab a dead sex toys, we stock replacement batteries for all of our battery-operated sex toys for couples and singles at an affordable price. So, stay stocked on sexcessories and never miss a screaming O.

Accessories and Parts

Screaming O not only gives you the best in sex toys for couples and singles, we provide you with accessories (sexcessories) to enhance your bedroom sessions, amp-up your screaming O’s and keep your sex toy collection in good, working order.

Screaming O Topical Potions

Our exclusive collection of topical potions are created to improve your sexual encounters whether you are partnered or going sol-O. For instance, our Climax Cream is formulated with natural ingredients that increase blood flow, sensitivity and natural lubrication when applied to the clitoris. Thus, allowing for more frequent and intense screaming O’s.

Next, our Dynamo Delay Spray Enables him to stay harder longer by desensitizing the areas of his penis that are the most sensitive. With the most potent amount of the FDA compliant active ingredient (compared to the most popular brands available), Dynamo Delay is the strongest and most cost-effective product. Plus, it’s made in the USA!

Finally, our Kiss-a-boo lip balm adds a tingly surprise everywhere you kiss. Therefore, you can use it as lip balm before gOing-down on your partner or kissing them from head to toe. Or, apply directly to nipples and other sweet spots for deliciously arousing sensations all Over.

Couple’s Sex Toys Accessories

Add a new and exciting couple’s sex toy to your collection to enhance your bedroom adventures. Our Vibrating Panty Sets give him full control over her pleasure with remote-controlled vibrating thrills. Or sexcessorize your foreplay and lovemaking with one of our Jackits Sleeves for better blow-jobs, tantalizing foreplay or the best in male sol-O experiences.

Accessories to Keep Your Sex Toys Rumbling

Finally, repower our Screaming O toys with replacement batteries and USB charging cables. With affordable prices, we give you more bang for your buck while keeping your erotic fantasies fueled.

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Showing 13–13 of 13 results