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Our Screaming O Dynamo Delay desensitizing spray will give you staying power for longer-lasting sexual escapades. With the highest concentration of active ingredient on the market, our Dynamo Delay desensitizing spray blows other brands out of the water, giving you a higher quality product as well as more bang for your buck with more sprays per bottle. Plus, our desensitizing spray is made of FDA approved ingredients and it’s created in the USA. Just use the targeted spray on the most sensitive areas of your penis to desensitize at the skin level and keep you going stronger and longer.

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Prolong The Pleasure

Screaming O’s Dynamo Delay Desensitizing Spray is prOlonged sex in a bottle. Approved by the FDA for over-the-counter use, our desensitizing spray is made in the USA, has a stronger concentration of the active ingredient and gives you more bang for your buck compared to other desensitizing products on the market.


How Does Dynamo Delay Work?

Dynamo Delay works by using 13% lidocaine (10 mgs per spray) to desensitize the most sensitive areas of your penis. Compare that to other popular products on the market that only have 7.7 to 9.6%, Dynamo Delay performs better and lasts longer. Plus, it’s clinically tested to be non-irritating to your skin, safe and effective.


Why Use A Desensitizing Spray?

Who doesn’t want to be a better lover between the sheets? Sure, you can brush up on your romancing skills, learn the most arousing foreplay moves and be the oral sex king! But to relish her with long and satisfying lovemaking takes stamina and control. And how better to improve your lovemaking skills than to use your new secret weapon. Dynamo Delay….

  • Desensitizes: So, you don’t have to think about baseball or great aunt Gerta in order to hold back and not finish before she does.
  • Builds Stamina: When you last longer, you build more natural stamina.
  • Gives her more: When you can hold off getting off, you give her longer, more intense pleasure.


Will A Desensitizing Spray Make Your Penis Numb?

Sure, if you slather an entire bottle all over your junk, your penis will definitely go numb and why would you want to do that? Dynamo Delay has a concentrated spray stream that targets a small area of your penis. Therefore, you can use a single spray only on the areas that are most sensitive to you. 

For example, if the head of your penis is your sweetest spot, simply use one spray and you’ll still feel sensation, only it will be a bit dulled, allowing you to last longer. That is because Dynamo Delay only desensitizes your skin and not the sensitive nerves deeper below. So, you stay harder, still feel every satisfying thrust and last longer than you ever have before.


Will Using Desensitizing Spray Make My Partner Numb?

No, your partner shouldn’t feel any effects of the Dynamo Delay as long as you allow the spray to dry before you begin lovemaking. Plus, the vagina has very few nerve endings deep inside therefore you don’t have to worry about her losing sensitivity. All you have to worry about is how satisfied and utterly spent she will be once you are finished ravishing her.


Savor Staying Power and Longer Lasting Sex

Screaming O’s Dynamo Delay is the perfect product to give you staying power and longer lasting sex. Put aside those fears of premature ejaculation and satisfy her like never before. Keep a bottle in your nightstand or grab a bottle of Dynamo Delay Black Label for improved sexual performance on the go in a TSA approved, travel-friendly bottle.