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Discreet Sex Toys

Screaming O’s selection of discreet vibrators offers you all sorts of sexy and secretive fun. Whether you are looking for a beginner’s sex toy or a cleverly disguised vibrating plaything, our My Secret Screaming O cosmetics are the perfect choice. Or, if you are wanting to find the best couple’s sex toys, try our vibrating panties or cock ring for top-secret erotic adventures in the bedroom or out on the town. Finally, we have your back-door pleasures covered with our vibrating, remote-control anal plugs for men and women both. And remember, all of our discreet playthings are made from body-safe materials.

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Discreet Vibrators 

Screaming O can keep the most provocative of sensual secrets and provide you with discreet sex toys for couples and singles alike. So, whether you are looking for a secret vibrator that won’t show up in the airport scans or a way to have a naughty night out with your partner, shop our selection of discreet vibrating playthings. And when you’re ready to order, we won’t tell!


Secret Liaisons

Discreet sex toys for couples can open up an exciting and naughty new world of erotic play. Slip on our Remote Vibrating Panties and let him take control by wearing the discreet, top-secret, silicone ring that’s really a remote-control and the key to your every wiggle, squirm and secret O. Wear them at home or for a thrilling night out to keep your relationship spicy.

Or, have him relinquish control and allow you to tease and pleasure his package secretly with the My Secret Screaming O Bullet and Ring for Him. The comfortably, snug-fitting, silicone cock ring slips around his penis or penis and testicles and features A low-intensity, rumbling Vooom vibrator. Wear on the remote-control ring and send him discreet waves of erotic pleasure all night long.


Top Secret Cosmetics for a Natural Glow

Are you looking for the best first vibrator? Perhaps you crave orgasms on-the-go but aren’t especially keen on a huge dildo showing up on the airport x-ray screen. No matter what your reason for wanting a discreet vibrator in disguise, Screaming O has 3 top-secret cosmetics that travel well and give you a natural glow only the best solo sex can provide.

Slip the My Secret Screaming O Vibrating Lip Balm into your purse for satisfying O’s on-the-go. With a single-speed, toe-curling motor and a smooth top, this little vibrator will give you plenty of solo pleasure and no one will know about your secret vibrator. And if you desire a bit more excitement in your toys, try the My Secret Screaming O Vibrating Lipstick or Mascara.

The lipstick has an angled, soft silicone head for maximum clitoral contact. Plus, you have 4 stimulating vibration modes to choose from; a discreet sex toy that looks just like a lipstick tube. Or, for a super-sensitive clitoral tease, the mascara has a tip that is covered in vibrating nubs for extra-tingly sensations. Easy to hide and perfect for carrying in your bag, pick up one of these discreet vibrators today.


Discreet Back-Door Fun

They say back-door friends are the best and at Screaming O, we have your discreet and exciting new best friends. The My Secret Charged Plug with Remote and the Charged Plug XL are made from comfortable, body-safe silicone and are shaped for easy insertion and to stay in place. And both butt plugs have our deep, satisfying, rumbling Power Positive motors.

Plus, being a Charged product, they give you a full hour of sensual play on a single charge. Each anal plug can be used independently or via remote-control for easy set-it-and-forget-it vibrations. Or, hand off control to your partner and allow them to drive your most erotic pleasures. 

So, if you are seeking discreet sex toys for beginners or novice lovers alike, Screaming O has your favorite secret pleasure in stock. Scroll up and start shopping now…. We won’t tell.