The Best-Selling Vibrating Rings

For Men

At Screaming O, we believe his sexual satisfaction is just as important as hers. Therefore, we have an arousing collection of male sex toys for thrilling couple’s sex or sex toys to make those sol-O sessions more exciting. Our male sex toys include vibrating cock rings to boost your boner and your game between the sheets. Plus, we have masturbation accessories to make every stroke more gratifying along with desensitizing spray to increase your endurance and staying power. Finally, for the adventurous dude wanting to experience a more powerful O, our rechargeable, silicone anal plugs are the best male sex toys.

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Male Sex Toys

Screaming O has the male sex toys you need for yourself, your partner or that special man in your life. Our male sex toys are made of quality materials that are body-safe and still feel AHmazing against your skin. So, whether you are looking to boost your boner, amp your solo game or last longer between the sheets, Screaming O has got you covered.

Sol-O Love with Jackits Male Sex Toys

Add some variety to your solo sessions with one of our Jackits male sex toys. Our Jackits masturbation toys are made from super-soft, squishy and textured material that makes every stroke satisfying. Try the Jackit’s Stroker Pad for a no-slip grip and a ribbed texture that let’s you cover every inch.

Or, grab your junk wrapped in the Jackits Throttle Stroker and find a new height in solo sex. Finally, our Jackits Masturbation Sleeve will stretch to fit any man and provides you with a textured interior and superior suction that doesn’t stop till you do. Build your endurance or just stroke away the stress; just don’t forget a drop of the slippery stuff.

Keeping it Hard with Cock Rings and Dynamo Delay

Cock rings aren’t just for couple’s sex! Cock rings, or penis rings, are great tools and male sex toys to increase the firmness of your erection, create more sensitivity and assist you in lasting longer between the sheets. Therefore, cock rings can be added to your stroking work-out to build stud-like stamina, endurance and staying power.

Cock rings are popular male sex toys and Screaming O has a variety of penis rings, whether you simply wrap your shaft of prefer to wrap your testicles too. And, if you’re not sure which cock rings are right for you, try our Ringo Pro X3 for 3 sizes of premium, stretchy, silicone cock rings. Or if you want something simple, try the super-stretchy Ringo Ranglers Cannonball.

Finally, if you’re a male sex toys pro, slip on one of our unique, premium, silicone cock rings for a completely different feel. The Swingo Sling gives you a bit more blood flow restriction for a harder shaft along with added perineum stimulation from the p-nub. Or slip on the uniquely curved Swingo Curve for an enhanced look and 2-ways to wear it.

Dynamo Delay

Screaming O’s exclusive desensitizing spray, Dynamo Delay, is the best delay spray on the market. With the highest level of the FDA approved active ingredient, compared to other popular brands, Dynamo Delay gives you more bang for your buck. Just a single targeted application desensitizes your sweet-spots and keeps you b-O-ning for as long as your partner can take it.

Tickle Her Fancy

Confident in your male sex toys and cock ring game? Add a little vibration to tickle her fancy and turn your package into her personal vibrating sex toy. The Charged Big OMG Vibrating Ring gives you a stretchy but snug fit and features a textured, vertical vibrator for maximum clitoral contact with every thrust.

Or, let the soft fins flick her clit with electrifying vibrations from the Charged Skooch Ring. Both male sex toys are USB rechargeable and run a full, intense 60 minutes on a single charge. Best yet, we have even more vibrating cock rings in our male sex toys selection, so you can find the perfect fit, feel and style to set her on fire.

Back-Door Adventures: A Whole New O

For the man who’s been-there-done-that and wants to explore the intense sensations and knee-weakening O’s that only prostate stimulation can bring, try our Charged Plugs. Made of safe, smooth silicone, the My Secret Charged Plug and My Secret Charged Plug XL are designed for back-door comfort and a design that stays put.

Plus, you’ll enjoy 20 FUNctions of low-density, rumbling vibrations and pulsations to bring you to the strongest orgasm you’ve ever experienced. Use it alone or with the remote control, for set it and stroke it sol-O play or teasing, partner play. Either way, your back-door male sex toy is rechargeable and runs a full 60 minutes on a single charge so you never run out of juice.

Shop for Male Sex Toys

Shop Screaming O’s enticing selection of male sex toys to find your next new plaything. Whether you want to pump up your penis game or use a vibrating cock ring so you and your gal can enjoy that first, mutual big-O, you’ll find the right male sex toys, that are high-quality and priced to save you big bucks.