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Masturbation Sleeves

Screaming O’s selection of Jackits masturbation sleeves are the best sex toys for men. With 3 styles to choose from, our Jackits masturbation sex toys are super-stretchy, soft, squishy and made specifically for his strOking satisfaction. Plus, our masturbators are compact and perfect for hiding in your nightstand or packing for a weekend adventure. Best yet, our Jackits masturbation sleeves are one of the best sex toys for couples too! Simply use out masturbation sleeves for foreplay fun, electrifying hand-jobs or to give him an intense, knee-weakening, blow job without the uncomfortable gag. Just add some lube and he’s off!

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A Satisfying New Dimension

Masturbation sleeves are the most common and best sex toys for men. They add a whole new dimension to masturbation by adding textures and materials that feel O-so satisfying against his most sensitive parts. However, Screaming O has a few tips to make using any of our Jackits Masturbating sleeves an erotic new dimension to your solO and couple’s sexual adventures.


SolO Pleasure for Him

Lube up and feel the enticing textures and features of our Jackits Masturbation sleeves. With a price that’s O-so easy on the wallet, you can afford all 3 styles. Use the Stroker Pad to wrap around your penis for full length stimulation from the uniquely ribbed, open pad. And with an easy-grasp exterior, you’ll never lose your grip, even when you’re losing control.

Or try the Throttle Stroker for super-stretchy, squishy solO fun. The open-ended design allows for full length coverage and eliminates the collection of ejaculate. But, if you prefer a bit more suction action, try the Screaming O Jackits Masturbation Sleeve for an incredible self-love experience.

Our Masturbation Sleeve is discreet, portable and fits any length and girth. With a sensually textured interior and closed end, you get unique sensations and suction with every stroke. Whether you need a stress-relieving quickie or a long training session to prolong your lovemaking, this sleeve is sure to please over and over again. 


Masturbation Sleeves Are the Best Sex Toys for Couples

Contrary to popular belief, masturbation sleeves are one of the best sex toys for couples. Sure, they make solo sex for him more exciting but with a little creativity, our Jackits Masturbation Sleeves can add an exciting new dimension to couple play.


Become the Oral Sex Queen

Not all of us enjoy performing the oral deed on our partners and those who don’t, oftentimes struggle with a sensitive gag reflex. However, sliding our Throttle Stroker up and down his shaft while you tease and pleasure him orally, gives him that deep throat sensation while you remain gag-free!


Stoke Me, Stroke Me

Another prOvocative way to use a masturbation sleeve during partnered sex is to give him a hand-job that will have him screaming O in no time. Try either of our 3 Jackits Masturbation Sleeves with a bit of slippery lube for foreplay fun and hand-jobs that will leave him weak-kneed and satisfied.


Stop the Big Boys from Bottoming Out

Being well-endowed can be a blessing and a curse. Sure, some ladies love a big manhood. But, with vaginas only equipped to handle 6 inches, intercourse with a well-endowed man can cause more OW’s than O’s. So, slip on our Throttle Stroker to stop the painful bottoming out and to give her a comfortable ride with every thrust. Plus, she gets the added bonus of bouncy clitoral stimulation to bring her to climax ever faster.

So, scroll up the page and choose one or all of our Jackits Masturbation sleeves for the best solO sessions as well as strOking, prObing and blOwing thrills night after night.