The Best-Selling Vibrating Rings


Vibrators are one of the most desired and versatile sex toys for couples and singles alike. Screaming O vibrators are in a class of their own. We’ve taken the most basic vibrators and perfected them with our exclusive Vooom motors, body-safe materials that feel good against the skin and styles that have taken the simplest designs and added details that make them the most unique vibrators for couples and solo users. Plus, we have some of the most extraordinary vibrators that you won’t see anywhere else. Sure, they may look unusual, but these vibrators are designed to get the job done in the most mind-bl-O-wing ways.

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Bullet Vibrators

Bullet vibrators are the best sex toys for couples. Although many people believe bullet vibrators are simply vibrators for women, nothing could be further from the truth. Bullet vibrators are small, powerful and portable as well as being excellent sex toys for many arousing activities like:

  • Massages: Bullet vibrators always soothe the right spots and are great for tensed muscles and even migraines.
  • Masturbation: For discreet O’s on-the-go, bullet vibes are the perfect companions for ladies.
  • Teasing: Bullet vibes are the best sex toys for couples in that they can be used to tease nipples, the clitoris, his perineum, his penis and other erogenous zones across the human body.
  • Enhancing other sex toys: Drop a bullet vibrator into a masturbating sleeve, under a cock ring, into a strap-on or inside of a sensual massage mitt.


 Good Vibrations in a Tiny Package

Grab the Bestie Bullet compact vibrator for travel or tucking into the nightstand. It’s the perfect vibrator for couples and singles too! With 10 FUNctions from a deep, rumbling motor and easy, one-button design, this powerful, bullet vibrator will tickle, tease and massage you into blissful orgasm.

Or, if you prefer a more classic vibrating bullet, match your mood to your favorite color with a Screaming O Bullet. With simple, 1-button operation, this vibrating bullet has a powerful mini motor that is whisper quiet. However, we can’t promise you’ll be quiet when using it! But, if it’s deep vibrations you crave, try the Soft-Touch Vooom Bullet. with 3 satisfying speeds and pulsation. And, you can use it in the pool, shower or anywhere you find yourself wet.


Remote Control Vibrators

Remote control vibrators are one of the best advances in sex toys for women, men and couples. Being able to pleasure yourself without being a contortionist, trying to reach those buttons, is a big advantage. Even better, being able to pleasure your lover from 50 feet away adds some naughty fun with secret, sexy play around the house or in public.

Use the remote compatible Charged Positive Angle Vibe to control what your partner feels and tease them into orgasmic O-blivian. This powerful little vibrator features an angled top that hits the right spot every time. Plus, it has 20 exciting FUNctions of deep, rumbling vibrations and pulsations with a full 60-minutes of erotic play on a single charge.

Or, be part of the super-secret, naughty ring club with the Charged Vooom Remote Control Bullet. With true USB charging and 10 SINsational settings, this bullet vibe is always charged and ready to play. Additionally, the silicone remote control ring fits everyone and is a discreet way to make her wiggle and quiver from 50 feet away.

But what’s good for her is even better for him with the My Secret Screaming O Bullet and Ring for Him. This True Silicone cock ring is comfortable to wear and features an attached Vooom bullet that rumbles against his balls and taint with 10 Aaaah-mazing settings you can control with the one-size-fits-all, remote-control ring.


Rechargeable Vibrators

Rechargeable vibrators are yet another convenient advancement in sex toys for couples and singles. There is nothing worse than looking forward to a stress-relieving solo session only to find your favorite vibrator’s batteries are dead! Well, no more with our Charged Collection of vibrators. With true USB charging, not flimsy magnets, our vibrators charge quickly and give you an hour of lustful fun.


They Keep Going and Going

The Charged Fing O is another of the best sex toys for couples and ladies who want a powerful vibrator that gets you there quickly. It has a slightly curved tip that is textured and ready to explore all of your sweet spots. Also, it clings tight to your finger so no worries of dropping your vibe in the heat of the moment. And with 10 Vooom FUNctions, you’ll never want to put it down.

Remember the unusual-looking vibrators we spoke of earlier? Pick up the Tri-It vibrator with 3 points of contact that connect with the clitoris and surrounding sweet spots to ignite every sensitive nerve ending. This brilliantly designed vibrator is easy-to-handle, made from silken True Silicone and features easy-to-reach buttons to toggle through the 20 unbelievable FUNctions.

Speaking of brilliant designs, put the Toone Affordable Rechargeable vibrator in the palm of your hand and use the firm, flexible “ears” to tantalize and excite every inch of your lover’s body. With Vooom motors in each ear and an O-inducing 10 speeds and 10 patterns of pure delight, this unique toy will become your new favorite sex toy. Don’t buzz when you can rumble your way to climax!


Vibrating Panties

Vibrating panties are often seen as a gag-type sex toy. But no joke, our vibrating panties will have Victoria spilling all of those secrets. Another member of the super-secret, naughty ring club is the Remote Vibrating Panty Set. With soft, lace, tie-side panties that fit waists up to 60 inches, this set includes a powerful vibrating bullet and a silicone remote control ring.

Further, you can toggle through 10 different, powerful vibration modes by pushing the discreet button on top of the ring. Perfect for home or your next dinner out! Pair with the Bullet and Ring cock ring for him and see who can make it till dessert! However, if you desire a comfier vibrator that contours to your lady bits, the Premium Ergonomic Vibrating Panty with Remote is a must-have.

Slide the soft, flexible vibrator into the side-tie panty or your favorite undies and feel the deep, intense sensations of 20 knee-weakening settings that can be controlled by the discreet, remote control ring. Best yet, this body-safe, True Silicone panty vibe is 100% waterproof; the perfect, arousing sex toy for the swimming pool or hot tub.


Vibrating Anal Plugs

Vibrating anal plugs, also called vibrating butt plugs, aren’t everyone’s piece of cake. However, when you are ready to expand your sexual horizons and experience climaxes unlike anything you have felt, it’s time to man-up, lube-up and take one of these vibrators for a ride. First, the My Secret Charged Plug with remote is a great beginner’s butt plug that vibrates.

The reason being, it is made of body-safe True Silicone and is narrower for beginners. It has a 3 inch insertable length and is shaped to stay in place. It packs a Power Positive motor that gives the user 20 incredible, rumbly sensations to choose from and it can be used alone or with the discreet, remote control ring.

In addition, we have a vibrating anal plug for the novice that is thicker and has a 4 inch insertable length. My Secret Charged Plug XL has all of the sensual settings as the regular plug as well as the discreet silicone remote control ring. Both vibrating butt plugs have true USB charging, last for 60 minutes on one charge and are compatible with water-based lubricants. And when you’re finished, take your wobbly legs to the sink and wash your sex toy with soap and warm water.


Finger Vibrators

Finger and finger tip vibrators are wonderful little sex toys for couples and singles that have a wide variety of uses. Aside from being perfect for massaging out knotted muscles, the Color Pop Fing O Tips are just the right size for teasing your nipples or clitoris. With flexible fins wrapped around this tiny-but-powerful vibe, you can flick your clit till you collapse.

Another of our finger-sized vibrators for couples, that will rock your world, is the Your Turn Finger Fun Vibe. Made of super-sensual silicone, this vibrator wraps around 2 fingers and is cleverly designed to give her electrifying clitoral stimulation as you put those fingers to work rubbing her g-spot with the come-hither motion. Plus, it’s great for vibrator-shy dudes.

Additionally, you can use the super-stretchy finger ring as a cock ring, giving him an incredibly hard, more sensitive penis and her, a rush with every plunge! Or, you can try the Vibroman 3 piece set to get more bang and big-O’s for your buck while turning him into a one-of-a-kind vibrator. With stretchy, stay-put rings for the tongue, fingertip and penis plus powerful vibrators, your sexual adventures will only be limited by your imagination!

Now, it’s time to put your fingers to work and start shopping!