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Vibrating Anal Plugs

Vibrating anal plugs may not be your thing. Perhaps you have never experienced how erotic back-door play can be. Or maybe, you simply don’t know enough about anal play to understand how incredibly orgasmic it can make you and your partner. No matter where you stand on the bottom-sex subject, let’s talk about the carnal pleasures vibrating anal plugs can bring.

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What Are They?

Vibrating anal plugs, or butt plugs, are sex toys that are used for stimulating the sensitive anus. Anal plugs are shaped in a way that they don’t penetrate too far into the rectum. Additionally, anal plugs are wider in the center so once they are comfortably inside the rectum, they stay in place. Finally, anal plugs are flat on the bottom so they are easy to handle and can never “get lost” in the rectum. Plus, vibrating anal plugs add an extra level of electrifying stimulation, producing deep, intense orgasms.


Pure Silicone for Safety

Our vibrating anal plugs are made with your sexual safety in mind. Molded from body-safe, True Silicone, our vibrating anal plugs are less porous than other materials. As a result, bacteria aren’t retained and the material washes easily with soap and warm water. Additionally, our vibrating anal plugs are compatible with water-based lubricants, for comfortable anal play.

Just remember never to share your butt plug with another person, so be sure and buy one for yourself and your partner. We make it easy as our vibrating anal plugs come in two colors.


Using Vibrating Anal Plugs for Adventurous, Erotic Play

Using vibrating anal plugs seems pretty self-explanatory. However, for the beginner, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. First, as mentioned above, using a water-based lubricant is essential for comfortable anal play with vibrating anal plugs. Additionally, anal penetration is an intimate and erotic sex act that takes time, patience and relaxation.

Like with most things, sex included, practice makes perfect! So, take your time with your partner and enjoy the sensual thrill of getting there.


A Special Toy for Him

Vibrating anal plugs for him can bring a whole new dimension to intimacy and orgasm. Considering that the male p-spot is the prostate, the best ways to stimulate it is by a perineum massage for indirect stimulation or through the anus for direct stimulation. As a result, using a vibrating anal plug will intensify his orgasms and may well have him screaming with sheer ecstasy.


Why Are Plugs Great for Her

Though women don’t have a p-spot, they do, however have an entire genital region that is teaming with sensitive nerve endings just begging for attention. Adding a vibrating butt plug to sex play can take her from almost-there to OOOO-ver the top. And if you are curious about taking it a step further, vibrating anal plugs are the best sex toys for double penetration, giving you both thrilling, deep vibrations that are absolutely indescribable.


Remote-Control, Hands-Free Stimulation

Our remote-control vibrating anal plugs allow for hands-free operation. Powered by Vooom motors, our vibrating anal plugs deliver intense, low, rumbling vibrations with 20 FUNctions to choose from. In addition, the remote control is easy to operate, allowing you to turn the dial and toggle through the delicious sensations you and your partner like best.

Try My Secret Charged Plug, a butt plug for beginners. Or, for those with a little more experience, My Secret Charged Plug XL offers a bit more insertable length and width. Both models are rechargeable with true USB charging ports and not flimsy magnets that don’t stay in place. Plus, our vibrating anal plugs give you an hour of sensual pleasure on a single charge.

So, when you are ready to expand your sexual experiences, our True Silicone vibrating anal plugs will take you to exciting and pr-O-vocative places you’ve never been before.