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Bullet Vibrators

Bullet vibrators are the most underrated sex toys for couples and singles. Bullet vibrators are perfect sex toys for beginners and sexperts too, as they have a wide-range of stimulating and erotic possibilities. Portable, quiet and discreet, bullet vibrators pack a whole lot of arousing power in a small, travel-friendly package. So, let’s get the low-down on bullet vibrators and learn why everyone should have a few in their bedside toy box.

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What Are Bullet Vibrators?

Bullet vibrators are small, oblong vibrators that have a bullet shape. One of the best couple’s sex toys, bullet vibrators are relatively inexpensive, are made from body-safe ABS plastic and some have a silky coating on the outside making them softer to the touch. Bullet vibrators generally have single function to 20 function motors, that make these little toys powerfully fun.

The Many Ways to Use Bullet Vibrators

There are many ways to use bullet vibrators to make yourself and your partner feel fantastic from head to toe. Here are just some of the creative and naughty uses for bullet vibrators.

  • Bullet Vibrators used for massages help work out knotted muscles and soothe overworked bodies
  • Use bullet vibrators for targeted, intense clitoral stimulation and gratifying orgasms sol-O or with a partner
  • Bullet vibrators are just the right size to press against his perineum for earth-shattering orgasms, especially during oral sex
  • Drop bullet vibrators into other sex toys for couples and singles like masturbation sleeves, massage mitts or cock rings for a new dimension of spicy play.

Screaming O Vooom Bullet Vibrators

Screaming O’s exclusive Vooom bullet vibrators are super-powered bullet vibrators that have a low-density rumble, rather than a desensitizing buzz, for sensations that match your body’s deep, orgasmic rhythm. For instance, the Charged Vooom Bullet features 20 incredible FUNctions of vibration, pulsation and escalation and it’s rechargeable for 60-minutes of sensual play on a single charge.

Or, if you are searching for the best couple’s sex toy for your next getaway, the Soft Touch Vooom Bullet gives you 3 levels of rumbly vibrations and pulsating pleasure, a soft, silky coating and the added excitement of being waterproof. Therefore, you can take it into the shower or pool and anywhere you find yourself needing to feel wet and wild.

Bullet Vibes for Couples

The best sex toys for couples are often toys that give you more fun and flexibility. Vibrating bullets are multi-purpose vibrators on their own, but combined with sensual accessories, they expand your sex toy collection and allow you to explore more carnal pleasures. The Charged Combo Kit #1 vibrating bullet set features a 10 FUNction Vooom bullet, a True Silicone cock ring and a finger sleeve so you can touch, massage and stroke your way to electrifying orgasms.

Another inviting sex toy set is our Charged Vooom Remote-Control Bullet. As far as vibrating bullets go, this tiny tantalizer gives you 10 vibration settings for massage, clitoral and perineum stimulation and sensual pleasure. Plus, this bullet vibrator is rechargeable, via USB connection, for up to 60-minutes of play on a single charge.

But the best part is the remote control that is disguised as a ring! Just press the top of the ring and control the vibrating bullet from up to 50 feet away! That way, you can tease your partner from across the room or slip the bullet into your lover’s undies for naughty, nobody-else-knows thrills in public.

Buy the Best Basic Sex Toys

If you’re searching for the best sex toys for beginners, bullet vibrators fit the bill! If you’re searching for a sex toy for couples that gives you more for your money as well as endless, intimate adventures, bullet vibrators are the best investment. Or, if you just want a travel-friendly way to achieve multiple O’s wherever you go, bullet vibrators are the go-to sex toy to satisfy every sexual desire. So, simply scroll up the page and shop our great selection of bullet vibrators. Then, add a few to your cart and start planning that arousing massage or next great r-O-mantic getaway with your new sex toys in tow.