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Finger Vibrators

Finger vibrators are great sex toys for couples, men and women as they provide versatility and a unique way of changing the way our touch feels. Finger vibrators come in all shapes and sizes and allow for a broad range of arousing sexual adventures. So, let’s talk about finger vibrators, what they are and how best to use them to spice up your bedroom fun.

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What is a Finger Vibrator?

Finger vibrators are mini to small sized vibrators that connect to the fingers by either a strap or stretchy ring. With the finger vibrator firmly in place, this versatile sex toy allows for easy, whole body stimulation without the need to hold on to a sex toy. Simply put, finger vibrators become a tingly, exciting extension of your own fingers.


Make Your Touch Sizzle with Finger Vibrators

Touch is one of the most sensual ways to arouse our lovers. However, you can make your touch sizzle by the addition of finger vibrators. For instance, the Fing O finger vibrator slips around your finger and stays in place. The powerful little bullet inside emits low, rumbly vibrations to massage sore muscles, tease his taint and stimulate erogenous zones from head to toe.


Just the Tip, Please

These tiny, fingertip vibrators are the perfect sex toys for clitoral stimulation. Whether you are going sol-O or with your partner, Fing O Tips finger vibrators and Color Pop Fing O Tips feature the most tantalizing textures that flick the clitoris. Plus, these tiny finger vibrators are extremely discreet and just the right sex toy to throw in your bag for the biggest O’s wherever you go.


G-Spot O’s with the You-Turn Finger Vibrators and Cock Ring Combos

Every man who knows how to stimulate a woman’s g-spot with his fingers and the “come hither” motion knows how to coax her body into earth-shattering, full-body orgasms. However, if you add the You-Turn 2 Finger Fun Vibe, you can give her rousing clitoral vibrations at the same time. Just slip the silicone ring around your fingers, slip into her and watch her quiver till she melts into an orgasm like no other!

But, here’s the best part; the finger ring also doubles as a stretchy cock ring, so he can enjoy a harder, longer lasting erection while stimulating her clitoris with every thrust! And, if you love the You-Turn 2, you must upgrade to the You-Turn Plus Rechargeable Finger Vibrator. With true USB charging, this finger vibrator, cock ring combo is always ready to go.


Amp Up Your Touch with Finger Vibrators

Finger vibrators are the perfect way to amp up your touch and take a soft caress and turn it into an electrifying touch. Try a couple’s sex toy kit with a finger vibrator and a cock ring. Or, really take the vibrating touch further with a fingertip vibrator, vibrating cock ring and a vibrating tongue ring all in one SINsational sex toy kit. So, let your fingers do the pleasuring with any of our finger vibrators.