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Remote Control Vibrators

Remote control vibrators are an exciting category of products that are among some of the best sex toys for couples as well as single ladies and gentlemen looking for hands-free solo play. Furthermore, remote control vibrators are a welcomed advance is sex toys overall as they allow for erotic set-it-and-forget-it convenience, enhanced sensual play as well as a naughty aspect that can add spice to any relationship. So, let’s take a look at remote control vibrators and everything they can do to add a little more adventure to your sex life.

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Remote Control Vibrators for Every Kind of Sexy Play

Remote control vibrators are versatile and exciting sex toys for couples and singles alike. Just use your imagination for all sorts of arousing adventures or, start planning your next r-O-mantic rendezvous with these sensual tips for using remote control vibrators:

  • Massage: You never know where it will lead
  • Masturbation: Either solo or putting on a show
  • Enhancing sex: Add another dimension to intimacy
  • Foreplay: Get those sultry fires burning

Remote Control Vibrators for Hands-Free Fun

Remote control vibrators give you the option of finding that one setting that makes you scream O and relishing hands-free, erotic play either alone or with your partner. Here are a few ideas for using remote control vibrators, solo or for couple’s fun.

Solo Fun

Masturbation gives us the stress relief and the sol-O fun we desire. The Positive Remote-Control Vibe gives you 20 different sensations of rumbling vibrations, pulsations and escalations. Use the charging stand as a finger cradle so you can control your vibe as you lose control with mind-bl-O-wing climaxes.

Couples Fun

Hand the remote to your partner and allow them to turn the dial and toggle back and forth through the sensational vibrations. Using remote control vibrators with your partner, relinquishes control and gives them the thrill of teasing you until you are squirming, wiggling and begging them to get you off.

Naughty Fun in Public or Around the House

One of the best aspects of remote-control vibrators are the naughty, secret thrills you can share with your partner. For example, the Rechargeable Remote Panty Vibrator let’s you wear the intense vibrations wherever you go. With a discreet, one-size-fits-all, silicone ring, your lover can make you tremble with delight and no one in the room will be the wiser.

Better yet, both of you can take control of the other’s pleasure with the My Secret Screaming O Bullet and Ring for Him. With a comfortable, but snug, True Silicone, vibrating cock ring, you can return the favor with secret teasing vibrations controlled by your matching silicone ring.

Which Remote Control Vibrator is Your Favorite?

With several remote control vibrators to choose from, which will be your favorite? Maybe the Charged Positive Angle Vibe, a great sex toy for couples, will be just the versatile remote-control vibrator to spice up your bedroom adventures. Or, you’re ready for a new erotic adventure with My Secret Charged Plug. Either way, scroll up and take control, with one of our exciting remote-control vibrators.