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Vibrating Panties

Just the thought of a vibrating panty set may make you giggle. Why? Well, that’s because you’ve tried them or know someone who has. Or, you think they are simply a silly little gag-gift. On the contrary, doubters, vibrating panties are an exciting way to make her wiggle and squirm and want to climb you like a wall! So, let’s talk about vibrating panties and discuss how these little lace panties are one of the best sex toys for women and couples.

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What are Vibrating Panties?

Vibrating panties aren’t actually panties that vibrate. Rather, they are panties with a little secret in the crotch; a pocket that holds a vibrator in place. Some may use bullet vibrators, or some may have comfort fit, ergonomic vibrator shapes. These remote controlled pleasure produces are worn in a variety of circumstance, which we will discuss below. However, for now, we will just say that vibrating panties are the best sex toys for couples to have a little secret fun, as well as single ladies wanting some discreet solo excitement that no one else knows about 😉


How to Vibe with Vibrating Underwear

Remote controlled vibrating panties make operation a secret cinch. Knowing how to use vibrating panties is relatively simple; slip the vibrator into the pouch of the panties, put the panties on, turn on the vibrator and gOOOOO! However, we thought it would be fun to share our sexy ideas for using vibrating panties to fire-up your imagination.


Buzzing In the Bedroom

Using a vibrating panty set in the bedroom (okay, the dining room, laundry room, staircase), is a sensual way to get the foreplay going. You can concentrate on kissing, caressing and ravishing the rest of her body while the vibrating panties enhance everything you’re doing. To most ladies, there’s nothing like a little tingle in the naughty bits while being kissed on the lips, neck, ears, shoulders and…. Well, you get it.


Vibrating in Public

Wearing vibrating panties in public places can be your naughty little secret and a smoldering hot way to tease her until she is dragging you home. Even better, if your vibrating panty set offers a remote-control option, you can take full control over every vibration she feels, taking erotic seduction and foreplay to a whole new level.


Vibrating Panties Make Chores More Fun!

Yes, we said it. We broke the girl-code secret…. Vibrating panties make chores more fun! Rather than just turning on your favorite playlist while you sweep, dust, mop and do laundry, slip on your vibrating panties! Not only will your household chores move a lot more quickly, they will be much more enjoyable.


Vibrating Panty Sets from Screaming O

We have 3 levels of vibrating panties for you to try, all are of fantastic quality and get the job done with low, rumbly vibrations that will make her quiver from head to toe.


Our Remote Vibrating Panty Set includes soft, lace, tie-side panties that fit all body shapes up to a 60” waist and have a secret pocket. In addition, you get a vibrating bullet that has 10 FUNctions to drive her wild. The bullet can be used independently or with the remote-control ring that works up to 50 feet away. Both are battery operated and we even carry replacement batteries!


Try the Rechargeable Remote Vibrating Panty Set and never worry about changing out batteries again. With true USB connection charging, you get up to a full hour of arousing play on a single charge. The Vooom powered bullet vibrator gives you 10 thrilling levels of low, rumbly sensations, rather than a buzz which can actually desensitize sensitive lady parts.


Although our good and better vibrating panty sets offer you the bonus of having a vibrating bullet that can be used independently for massage and foreplay, our Premium Ergonomic Vibrating Panty w/Remote goes beyond with a vibrator contoured to hug her sensitive spots and give her better stimulation overall.

The flexible vibrator is made from body-safe True Silicone and is softer against her skin. Plus, this panty vibrator is 100% waterproof for wet and wild fun. You can also use this vibrator independently as it feels incredible pressed against his perineum. This set is also rechargeable and includes a discreet, one-size-fits-all, remote control ring.

Best of all, the soft-flex vibrator offers 20 knee-weakening settings of vibration, pulsation and escalation to drive her to the brink of blissful release every single time. Also, these vibrating panties feature true USB charging technology. So, your vibrating panties are always charged and ready for a steamy evening in the bedroom or a naughty night on the town.