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3 Expert Tips for Using Your Vibrating Ring Sex Toy

Vibrating rings are amazing for so many reasons: they make sex feel even better (who knew that was possible?), they help couples come together (in more ways than one), and they help make orgasms happen more often! But did you know there’s more than one way to wear a Screaming O Vibrating ring? These stretchy […]

Sex is Good for Our Health – How to (or at Least Try to) Orgasm Every Time!

It’s no secret that sex is good for our health. Aside from bigger smiles, boosts in self-confidence, and endorphin rushes, orgasms have a variety of health benefits that go deeper (way deeper) than the obvious. And there are direct correlations between orgasms and breast cancer prevention, which is as mind-blowing as it is amazing. So […]

5 Different Types of Orgasms & How to Have Them

Orgasms are like snowflakes: they’re beautiful and unique, with no two Os exactly the same. But did you know there’s more than one way to say “Yes, yes, YES!”? Here’s a breakdown of five different types of orgasms and how to give one (or all!) a try. 1. Vaginal (but not the kind you think) […]

6 Reasons Why Orgasms are Good for Your Health!

There’s a reason why you feel so good after getting laid, and it goes way beyond the ego boost and 10-30 seconds of ultimate ecstasy. Endorphin rush and post-coital glow aside, there are medically proven health benefits of orgasms ranging from improved cardiovascular health to better-looking skin, and there’s never been a better reason to […]