For Couples

Screaming O wants to make your relationship more adventurous and exciting with our enticing collection of sex toys specifically designed for the two of you. Add more sizzle between the sheets with vibrating playthings for sensual massages, and electrifying clitoral stimulation for her or p-spot stimulation for him. Or, if it’s even more pleasurable lovemaking sessions you seek, we have an immense selection of cock rings to mutually enhance the experience. Let’s make it all about the both of you with the couples sex toys and pleasure add on’s that will bring your intimacy to new heights.

Sex Toys for Mutual Fun

Screaming O has a pr-O-vocative collection of sex toys for couples. But, what can these adult playthings do for your intimate relationship? Our line of pleasure products will spark your sexual imagination and add a new and exciting element to foreplay and lovemaking. No matter what your desire, you will find something that can add a frisky, playful dimension to your usual bedroom routine. But what is the best sex toy for couples? 

What Are The Best Sex Toys For Pleasure Together?

You can search the internet for days reading articles and blog posts about the best sex toys for couples. Most likely though, you’ll find lists that are opinion based or solely built upon click-through sales. And those are terrific tools to spark the imagination.

However, here at Screaming O, we mainstreamed the best sex toy for couples. So, what is the best, singular sex toy for couples? We’ll make it easy for you…. it’s the cock ring!

A Cock Ring by Any Other Name

By any other name it is still, well, a cock ring. But how many aliases does the best sex toy for couples go by? Here’s a small list of cock ring synonyms:

  • C-ring
  • Penis ring
  • Love ring
  • Pleasure ring
  • Penis band
  • Shaft ring
  • Erection ring
  • Tension ring

No matter which term you use, cock rings are the #1 sex toy for couples to climax together with, no hands needed! You see, when placed on an erect penis, a cock ring offers him new delightful sensations and can enhance both his and her sexual pleasure leading to explosive delight and titillating orgasms. 

Does It Need To Vibrate To Be Better?

Vibrating cock rings stimulate the penis as well as making it a one-of-a-kind vibrator for her. In addition, they send intense sensations to the clitoris, making it easier for her to orgasm during sex, and if you can both hand on, climax together.

By adding this sensation you’re able to provide more erogenous attention and pleasure for her. Only about 18% of women report being able to orgasm from intercourse alone. The majority need some extra help from our sexy little friend, the clitoris. By adjusting the vibration to rest on top of the shaft, you can share in the buzzing stimulation that will help you reach intimate climax’s together, for absolutely mind blowing sex.

So no, it doesn’t NEED to vibrate, but for couples looking to enjoy it at the same time, we recommend finding a toy that will stimulate both the penis and the clitoris for maximum fun.

Vibrators For 2 Please.

Vibrators are extremely versatile, and the popularity and taboo surrounding them has virtually vanished, thank you Charlotte, Carrie, Samantha & Miranda! However, since some men shy away from anything that looks like a penis, small, simply-designed vibrators make the best sex toys for couples. Our Charged Positive Angled Vibe is the perfect bedtime buddy and great for erotic perineum massage, and for exploring erogenous zones, adding more O to your time together.

With a powerful, low-density, rumbling motor and 20 SINsational settings of vibration, pulsation and escalation, this vibrator will have you both Screaming O and setting the bed sheets on fire!

Must-Haves Sexcessories

How can you possibly make the best sex toys for couples even better? With some sexy accessories, or sexessories. Give his cock ring even more staying power with a little spray of Dynamo Delay desensitizing spray. It slightly numbs his sweetest spots allowing him to keep right on gO, O, O, Oing. 

Dynamo Delay is perfect for those satisfying, marathon lovemaking sessions where who gets there first doesn’t matter as much as who gets there the most. But if her goal is to have orgasms like never before, a sex cream with L-arginine will help promote blood flow and sensitivity, making her feel ready to burst at the seams.

So What is Right for Your Relationship?

Sure, you may say that we are biased in stating that our cock rings are the best sex toys for couples. After all, that is what we do best. But the best way to find out what the best couples sex toys are for you is to try them all and see which sex toys stoke your fire and leave you with the most satisfying screaming O’s.

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Showing 49–64 of 64 results