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Ring in the New Year with a BANG!

Ring in the New Year with a BANG!

Father Time is calling quits to 2013 and putting a 2014 banner on that famous baby, which means most of you will be spending tonight getting hammered while wearing party hats and sequins. So while you stock up on champagne, streamers and confetti, why not resolve to celebrate the New Year with a bang – and yes, we mean the sexual kind. It’s a resolution you shouldn’t have too much trouble keeping.

Nothing makes a more impressive “bang” than a sex toy, so this year make the conscious decision to stretch on a Big O and see what it does for his dick, or put a Studio Collection Vibrating Lipstick in her purse to get buzzed discreetly anytime temptation strikes. Be dedicated to being adventurous and start experiencing the kind of sex life that requires batteries.

So toast to a sexy 2014 with a vibrating ring around your beer or a Bullet vibe in your martini as you practice your countdown and decide whom you’re going kiss at midnight. Choose wisely, cuz if you’re lucky, you’ll be buzzing (in more ways than one) with that special someone by 12:15.

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