Vooom! Collection

Feel the Vooom! difference with our Vooom! Collection of sex toys for couples and singles. Our exclusive Vooom! motors are unlike any vibration you have experienced before. That’s because our motors feature a low-density, rumbling sensation that you feel deep inside, rather than a buzzing sensation that can numb your sensitive sweet-spots. Plus, you can find our Vooom! motors in a variety of prOvocative sex toys. For example, you can choose from vibrating bullets, cock rings, super-discreet vibrating panties and sO-O-O much more. And with a choice of battery-operated and rechargeable styles, you’ll find your perfect O at the right price.

Screaming O’s Vooom! Collection

Screaming O has developed a unique way of delivering vibrations like no other sex toy. Our Vooom! Collection is powered by our exclusive Vooom! motor technology; a motor that creates a low-density rumble that penetrates deeply and doesn’t desensitize sensitive erogenous zones like motors that buzz.

Vooom! Powered Vibrating Sex Toys

Try any of our Vooom! Powered sex toys for couples and singles for rumbly sensations and a different way of reaching your best O. For instance, the Charged Vooom! Bullet is a playful powerhouse in a portable package that delivers 10 arousing FUNctions for foreplay, sol-O play and couple’s adventures.

Further, the Charged Vooom! Bullet is rechargeable via true USB connection and runs 60+ minutes on a single charge. For more rechargeable Vooom! thrills, try the Charged FingO for targeted massage and sweet spot stimulation, at your fingertip, that stays put even through the most passionate, between-the-sheets encounters.

Vooom! Vibrating Cock Rings

Turn his penis into a Vooom! powered vibrator with one of the best sex toys for couples; a Vooom! vibrating cock ring. The Charged O Yeah Plus Ring stretches to fit him comfortably and packs a vertical, textured Vooom! bullet for clitoral contact that will have her screaming O and him screaming your name, most-likely, at the same time.

Vooom! Sex Toy Sets for Couples

Savor your rOmantic time with our Charged Combo Kit #1 sex toy kit for couples. With a 10-FUNction, rumbly Vooom! bullet, a premium silicone cock ring and finger harness, you’ll have 3 ways to play and 3 ways to bring one another to intense and pleasurable O’s. Or, revel in naughty, secret play with our Rechargeable Remote-Control Vibrating Panty Set.

No matter how you love to O, get there with the rumbling feel of our Vooom! Collection of sex toys.

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Showing 13–18 of 18 results