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3 Last Minute Halloween Costumes For Guys Who Want to Get Laid

If you’re like us, you’ve procrastinated figuring out your costume or you’ve just plain forgotten that it’s Halloween. And now the chick you’ve been trying to get to go to on a date – any date – has asked if you’re gonna be at that party you can’t remember the name of.

What’s an All Hallow’s Eve-horny guy to do?

Don’t fret. The Screaming O is here. If you really want to impress the fairer sex you’ve gotta show your creative side and that you’re thinking about their pleasure and happiness at all times. And we’ve got the goods.

1. Vibrating Robot. Stick a FingO Glow on each finger. Stretch a Screaming O Vibrating Ring around your forehead. Put a Vibrating Bullet in each pocket and wear a BigO around each wrist. Press all of those “On” buttons and they’ll get you buzzed faster than any keg of beer can.
2. Vibrating Alien. Keep an OGlow Bullet in your breast pocket and she’ll watch your heart glow as you curiously reach out and point your finger – with a red FingO Glow vibing at the end – at hers. She’ll either call you fresh or let you cop a feel, and when she feels the vibration she won’t want you to let go.
3. Human Sex Toy. So this one’s kind of obvious, but what are you gonna do once you sweep the girl off her feet with your clever vibrating costume and get her into your bedroom?

Step 1: Take off your clothes.
Step 2: Stretch one of your favorite Screaming O rings around your member – pick the BigO Glow if you want to shine a spotlight on the goods.
Step 3: Get a boner. (Duh.)
Step 4: Turn on the vibrator.
Step 5: Turn on the girl.
Step 6:
Step 7: High-5.