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3 Stealthy Sex Toys That’ll Pass Through TSA

3 Stealthy Sex Toys That’ll Pass-Through TSA

Travel can sometimes be daunting, especially when it involves airports and security lines, and it’s even tougher when you’re trying to make sure your suite of sex toys like this Cock Sleeve makes it through TSA without a hitch. We’ve all heard the embarrassing horror stories of agents searching bags only to find dildos and other private objects tucked inside, or tales of carry-on suitcases emitting a telltale buzzing sound that sets off alarms throughout the airport.

That’s why we suggest putting together a sex toy strategy before you start packing and avoid all the stress and irritation involved with giving the TSA an inadvertent taste of your sexual habits. Smaller is better, and if you can avoid shapes that resemble parts of the anatomy, you’ll probably skate through detectors unscathed. To spark inspiration, here are some simple and affordable mini vibes and sex toys that’ll do the trick without testing the skills of airport security.

1. Ring O x3

These super-stealth sex toys for men are so simple, they could probably be left out in the open without anyone batting an eye. Each pack contains three stretchy penis rings in a clear color that’s subtle, discreet, and inconspicuous, making them perfect accompaniments to any carry-on. No vibrators, no motors, no on/off switch; just three sizes for a more pleasurable, intense sexual experience.  And the best part? Their low-profile, under-the-radar shape will pass through the x-ray machine without a second glance.

2. FingO Tips

These convenient mini massagers pack 13,5000 RPMs into a super-tiny vibrating motor encased in a super-soft and body-safe material for a comfortable experience. These little guys fit around your fingertip with a stretchy little ring to keep them in place and are disposable once the batteries run out (no evidence left behind!). Plus they’re packaged in grab-n-go little packs that almost look like tasty treats, so there’s no way security will suspect a thing. (They might actually want one!)


3. My Secret Vibrating Lipstick

Here’s another vibrator cleverly disguised as everyday makeup, and this one is more powerful (and even a little cuter) than its Lip Balm counterpart. The Vibrating Lipstick buzzes at three speeds – from a low rumble to a penetrating buzz – with a flexible silicone tip that glides across the skin. And when not in use, simply keep the cap on and no one will realize you’re carrying a powerful sex toy in your pocket or purse – especially those nosy people at the airport.