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4 Sexy Ways to Stay Cool While Getting Hot & Bothered This Summer

hot sexy summer

Unless you’re living in Alaska or in a cave somewhere, chances are it’s pretty darn hot outside – too hot to do a whole lot of anything other than sitting still and eating Popsicles.

But you have errands to do, dogs to walk, and sex to have so The Screaming O thought we could offer a few tips for ways to keep cool in the heat without losing an ounce of your mojo!

1. Have Sex at Sunset

While the sun beats down on us all day long all we can think about is feeling any sensation other than heat. There’s no way we’re going to subject ourselves to the broiling oven that is a bedroom without air-conditioning and we certainly don’t want to hotbox the backseat of a Honda – so where on Earth are we going to get it on without suffering heat stroke?

Well we recommend practicing patience and, as soon as the sun starts to set, clear your schedules for some sexy times. Nothing beats the feeling of a cool breeze as dusk turns to evening and if you’re looking to avoid getting arrested for boning in a public park, open all of your windows and let the refreshing air blow through the house as you get down to business. It’ll be like you’re out in the wilderness under the evening sky…but without all the brambles, bug bites and arrest warrant!

2. Bring a Vibe to the Pool

Some of us are fortunate enough to have a pool, or at least access to someone else’s. And if that’s the case, and that “someone else” happens to be an attractive member of the opposite sex, why not make it a true play date?

Sex in the water can be fun, sure. But have you had vibrating sex in the water? There are so many mini vibes and sex toys made to buzz for hours under water and the key is to find one that’s easy to hide in your beach bag and quiet enough to keep any Peeping Toms from guessing what’s going on.

Our recommendation: The FingO finger-fitted mini vibe, a portable vibrator that loops around your finger and buzzes discreetly wherever to touch. That means even if your partner in crime never shows up for your pool session you can always take care of yourself – and come back for seconds.

3. Add Ice Cubes

There’s nothing quite like chugging an ice cold drink when it’s a million degrees outside and even when the tasty stuff is gone, sucking on those ice cubes is a great way to stay cool until a refill arrives.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Ice cubes are a super-fun way to add a little teasing foreplay to an ordinary sex session. PLUS they’re freezing cold and bound to chill you and your partner out with just one touch! The fun part is finding new ways to incorporate ice cubes into the mix before they all melt into puddles.

Our recommendation: Keep an ice cube in your mouth and as it slowly melts away, kiss your partner’s mouth, neck, shoulders, nipples…and make your way down to the sweet spot for some serious refreshment!

4. Take a Cold Shower

Yeah, this one is obvious. But it’s a classic for a reason. When it’s too hot to think and way too hot to wear normal clothing, there’s really only one way to instantly cool off and get your head on straight. Hop into a freezing cold shower and let the water wash away your woes!

Bring a buddy into the bathroom so you can rejuvenate your senses and get you ready and excited to get back to business. And when you get sticky and sweaty all over again (which will happen if you do it right) simply hop right back into the shower to chill out. You’ll already be naked so you’ve already saved yourself some time and effort.