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5 Sexy Holiday Gift Guide Ideas for Women


The holiday season is approaching and what better way to kick it into gear than to start shopping for that special someone on your naughty list! But it’s not always easy choosing the right gift, especially if you’re looking for something unique for the woman who seems to have it all.

Don’t give her flowers, candy and stuffed animals – that’s simply holiday foreplay. If you really want to impress your lady friend, get creative and think outside the ribbon-wrapped box for some sexy holiday gifts that keep on giving year-round.

Here are 5 clever and sexy gift ideas that’ll add spice to your sex life and maybe even get you “sleighed” tonight!

1. Sex Positions Book

There’s certainly nothing wrong with good old fashioned missionary position sex, but wouldn’t it be fun to try something a little kooky – maybe even kinky – with your woman? Chances are she’s just as curious to find new ways to help you hit the right spot, and a book like this can make it easy as pie!

Think of it as a cookbook for sex. It takes the guess work out of figuring how to hold a position or stance without pulling a muscle or hurting your hips. And the best part is getting curious, excited, educated and inspired together – nothing makes for a more intimate evening than guided sexual experimentation with the woman you love!

2. Studio Collection Box Set

You’ve probably heard about sex toys and the different ways they can boost your bedroom experience, but how do you know you’re choosing the perfect product for her? She has discerning taste and knows what she likes, so the sex toy geniuses at The Screaming O put together an all-in-one gift box full of the most chic and stylish vibrators and intimate accessories on the market.

This stylish Box Set is full of chic and discreet vibrating sex toys and accessories that are disguised as the makeup women put on every day, and it even includes a free Studio cosmetic bag to keep everything in one cleverly inconspicuous place!

Open the sexy black gift box (it’s practically pre-wrapped – BONUS!) to find a vibrating Lipstick, Mascara and Makeup Brush, two O Balm™ sexual stimulant balms that look like eye shadow, orgasm-intensifying O Balm™ Climax Crème disguised as lip gloss, a makeup mirror compact with a vibrating bullet hidden inside, and a portable makeup case that holds replaceable batteries that fit the entire line! The Studio Collection Box Set is the perfect gift for the sexy and stylish woman who wants it all!

3. Sex Swing

A sex swing is a fun gift idea for the woman who already has some sexy experience under her garter belt and is ready to take her sex life to new heights. Ever wondered how it might feel to take your woman up into space and have gravity-defying sex? A sex swing is the closest you two can get to an out-of-this-world romp, and though it might seem kinky at first, think of it as a sexual enhancement tool for two!

Not only can a sex swing help you get deeper and feel closer, its supportive structure helps take pressure off of her hips, knees and other joints and take the pain and discomfort out of some of the most pleasurable sex positions! Just don’t be afraid to fall down at first, as it can take some getting used to – but nothing will strengthen a relationship faster than high-flying fornication fun!

4. Edible Body Paint

Bring out your inner artist and satisfy her sweet tooth at the same time! Edible body paint is a fun way to get naked and creative together and add a little sugar into the mix. For women, foreplay is the key to a satisfying sexual experience and nothing gets her engines revving faster than having your hands all over her body!

Edible body paints come in lots of flavors – we recommend chocolate, of course – and give you a chance to doodle and draw sweet messages on her bare skin with a paintbrush or your fingers. And if you aren’t happy with your final masterpiece, simply lick it off and start over until she can’t take it anymore!

5. Massage Candles

We can’t mention enough how essential foreplay is for having stellar sex and one of the quickest ways to get in the mood is with a slow, sensual massage! Sure, you can pick up baby oil or use some of that lotion you found in her medicine cabinet, but why not make her massage special with a candle that melts into warm massage oil?

Massage candles are often made of organic materials that melt easily but at low temperatures, making it safe to pour on bare skin as soon as it melts. No burning, no stinging – this candle oil is heated to the perfect temperature and smells amazing as it hits her skin. There are so many scents to choose from (vanilla, lavender and grapefruit are known aphrodisiacs) you can present her with a “bouquet” of candles and make every night your own special holiday!