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BuzzFeed is Buzzing for The Screaming O Affordable Sex Toys!


BuzzFeed has just released a list of 16 sex toys that they believe are better than a boyfriend (or girlfriend, we might add!) and The Screaming O made it to two top spots. We were the ONLY manufacturer with popular sex toys for under $20 – some topped the charts at $200 or more! – which proves that some of the best orgasms come from small packages!

BuzzFeed staff member Casey Gueren recommended the My Secret Screaming O Vibrating Mascara for its compact shape and clever disguise – it literally looks just like a tube of mascara – and its ability to give powerful orgasms without a ton of effort. And next in line was the brand new Screamin Demon, which features little flexible horns that cradle the clitoris for better orgasms.

“It’s almost like a tiny little vulva, but with vibrations and horns,” Casey says. “Human anatomy can’t compete with that.”

And while that’s true, Screaming O representative Conde Aumann wants to remind sex toy shoppers that while these portable and affordable sex toys are great on their own, they can feel AMAZING when used with a partner!

“The Screaming O makes easy-to-use mini vibes and sex toys that help couples enjoy sex together with fun shapes, bright colors and really powerful motors,” Aumann says. “Our Vibrating Mascara and Screamin Demon feel amazing on nipples and testicles during foreplay and are so unobtrusive, they easily fit in your hand to give your fingers a break for those ladies who like (or need) clitoral stimulation in order to orgasm in certain sex positions.”


Check out Casey’s recommendations for yourself! The Screaming O sex toys are so affordable, you can buy more than one and see which one you – and maybe your partner – like the most!