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Celebrate International Women’s Day With The Screaming O


Today is International Women’s Day, a special holiday celebrated around the world to honor our mothers, wives, daughters, girlfriends and female colleagues and show them how much we appreciate the fairer (though we like to say stronger) sex.

Every year on this date thousands of events, gatherings and celebrations are held across the globe to bring together a strong and diverse collection of women of all backgrounds and lifestyles. It’s even an official holiday in Afghanistan, China and other countries where women culturally have taken a back seat to their often hairier, more masculine counterparts. With political rallies, government activities, parades and theater performances, International Women’s Day gives men and women the opportunity to recognize and appreciate women’s rich and fascinating history.

In the U.S., International Women’s Day coincides with Women’s History Month (March!) and invites men and women alike to gift the special ladies in their lives with small tokens of appreciation. And while flowers and bear hugs are great, we at The Screaming O prefer to push the envelope a tad.

Ladies -- there’s nothing more empowering than owning and valuing your sexuality, so this International Women’s Day give yourself the power of pleasure with an award-winning Screaming O vibrating gift. Whether it’s a chic and discreet Studio Collection mini vibe disguised as makeup or a silky smooth Soft Touch Bullet, your special gift to yourself should be nothing but extraordinary!