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Celebrate the 1st Day of Spring The Screaming O Way

It’s the first day of spring, an unofficial holiday that reminds us that summer is on its way with green leaves, warm sun, and fun excuses to play hooky and spend your sick days at the beach. Wait – don’t look out the window!

Oh well. Today it’s overcast in SoCal while our friends in the northeast are tunneling through another snow dump to get to work and it’s easy to forget that there’s sunlight at the end of this tunnel. But while the weather doesn’t quite fit the first day of spring bill, the animals know what’s up – it’s mating season.

See those squirrels chasing each other around that tree? They’re so dedicated to doing the deed that they barely notice the icicles dangling from the branches. And the birds and bees aren’t phased by fog or cold breezes – those buggers are getting “bizzy” as we speak.

So take your mind off of what’s going on outside and celebrate the first day of spring The Screaming O way! Bring home one of our bright and colorful mini vibes – or a cock ring if you’re feeling extra frisky – and make those birds and bees proud. (The squirrels are probably too preoccupied to notice.)