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Déjà Vu Brings Out Your O-face With The Scream Team

You may be at Déjà Vu but we promise you’ve never seen anything like this before.

The Screaming O teamed up with adult industry personality Tony Batman and the gloriously flexible feature dancer Schevelle to bring Vegas-style stage shows to clubs around the country.

Their first stop? Déjà Vu in Tampa, Fla.!

This duo has been around the country making girls blush and guys hoot and holler for years, hosting stage events and contests that get you free stuff (already sounds good, right?) and now they’ve made their act an official variety show with The Screaming O.

Schevelle took the stage holding her microphone “just so” for the Screaming Orgasm contest, which is exactly how it sounds. Women crowded the stage to give their vocal chords some exercise and the walls echoed with the glorious sounds of female ecstasy.

The winner took home a basket of Screaming O vibrators and goodies which, we imagine, kept her screaming for real later that night.

When the games were over, Schevelle took the stage with Déjà Vu’s other headlining dancers for an ultimate clothes-off dance-off that kept the crowd roaring for more. Each time a Screaming O Vibrating Ring was tossed into the audience, the room erupted in applause – we like to think that the rings’ performance was just as sexy as Schevelle’s and her leading ladies’.

But the best part? This Déjà Vu happens to be all-nude (thank heaven for Tampa) which meant the entire show was as naked as it was entertaining – and with that much boobage there wasn’t much more you could ask for!

There was so much eye candy, the crowd left with cavities and stomach aches. And pockets full of vibrators.