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3 Ultimate Egg Vibe Pleasure Tips

If you know about the fastest way to reach the strongest orgasms, you may know your way around the G-spot. At Screamingo, we want to give the world an easier, more comfortable and a little bit naughty way to find the ultimate in knee shaking orgasms. We're talking about the kind of pleasure that makes every hair on your body stand on end, and every nerve ending tingle with insatiable delight.

That's why we took to the pleasure lab and tested hundreds of iterations of ergonomic designs, motor vibration patterns, rumbling intensities and material textures to create our latest release. The result is a remote controlled vibrating egg with silky, body-safe liquid silicone texture with a 20 function, and deep rumbling action that can fit snugly inside the vagina for close intimate contact with the center of your pleasure zone.

The Premium Remote Egg vibrator checked all of the boxes.

But it's more than just having the right equipment at Screamingo. We also want you to be equipped with all the knowledge of how to use your remote vibrating egg. So let's get started and find out the answer to which came first the egg or the orgasm (hint: it was the the egg).

1. Try New E-Zones

If you haven't used an egg style vibrator before, you should know, they are made to let you explore new areas and don't need to be held or manipulated with your hand. The elongated oblong egg shape fits the internal shape of the vagina with a loop that keeps intact for safe removal. By inserting the vibrator into the vagina, it allows for hands free pleasure in a new erogenous area. The deep contact with the g-spot combined with the hands free remote operation give you the freedom to double your pleasure, using your fingers, a bullet vibe, or any other toy for clitoral stimulation, while you cycle through 20 mind blowing FUNctions of the egg.

2. Make Time and Make Space

The internal erogenous zone of the g-spot can lead to explosive enjoyment so give yourself the time and space to comfortably reach a climax. Whether you like to stay quiet, moan a little, or are a bit of a boisterous screamer, making sure that you have time and space to explore your body and practice self-love is important.

While it may sound cliche, the experience of lighting a candle, diffusing some aphrodisiac scented oils like lavender and getting in the mood will help your body build the suspense it craves to reach a major climax.

3. Tether to Your Partner and Give Up Control

We all have a need for a bit of control, and when you're in the mood to get freaky about it, there is no better way than to let your partner take the reigns. With an egg vibe, you can focus on pleasuring yourself and letting your partner watch you squirm from up to 40 feet away!

When you have the egg in place your partner can focus on pleasuring you in any other way and you'll have a special connection knowing that they have the ability to drive your body crazy with the touch of a button.

Bonus Tip: Creams For the Win

Whether you decide to use the egg internally or for external stimulation, the area that is going to send you over the edge is the focus on the clitoris. The moment of orgasm comes as blood rushes to the area and the nerve endings sending a wave of endorphins through your body. But did you know that specialized creams with L-Arganine and natural extracts can make the sensation of touch an even more enjoyable experience? These sex creams don't have to be used with a partner and can dramatically increase blood flow for intense sensations and enhances sexual pleasure. It can even increase the  frequency of orgasms so get a tube and get ready to double up!

What Makes the Screaming O Remote Egg Vibrator Different

Well, we strive for the highest quality and safety so first off you can be confident with a no-hassle 2-year limited warranty that ensures long-lasting playtime.  We also understand that our bodies are sensitive, so we use our lab-tested, body-safe True Silicone® that’s soft to the touch and compatible with any water-based lubricant. Btw, it's also waterproof so you can use it anywhere your desires take you. In the bedroom or on the go!

Finally, we are serious about fun, and that's why we engineered one of the most advanced pleasure engines available. The My Secret Premium Remote Egg features a powerful, low-pitch, deep-rumbling motor with 20 FUNctions of vibration.

So get ready for a vibrator that you'll be absolutely eggstatic about and explore new zones with these pleasure tips.