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Father’s Day Gifts for the Man in Your Life


Father’s Day is on its way, and while most of us buy cards and gift cards to Home Depot for our dads, we suggest choosing something special for the men in our lives who don’t hang from our family trees – but still fall into the father category!

Dads do so much of the dirty work. They figure out what’s wrong with the TV, they fix stuff when it’s broken, they help stay calm in times of stress. Whether it’s your husband, best friend, beau, or side piece, any man with youngins has a very important full-time job on his hands and deserves a special thank-you gift to celebrate.

That’s why we created Man’s Pleasure Pack! It’s got everything a dude needs to enjoy a satisfying sex session or some masturbatory me-time. Inside are cock rings made to provide a more pleasurable experience, as well as a special stroker sleeve that makes his hand feel better than ever – no, seriously, it’s so soft and supple, it feels practically like the real thing!

And of course, we included a handy bottle of ID Lubricant to keep things slick and smooth and a quick and easy toy cleaner spray so he can keep his new stuff sparkling and ready for his next session!

This convenient all-in-one gift officially includes:
• 1 Paco’s TacO super-soft stroker – open-faced for better control and comfort
• 1 Ring O 3-pack – three different cock rings sizes for the perfect fit
• 1 Ring O Rangler Outlaw – a cock ring for extra-snug feel.
• 1 4.1oz ID Lubricant – makes sex and stroking feel even better
• 1 Scream & Clean Toy Cleaner – keeps his new sex toys fresh and clean

Not enough? Why not throw in a MustachiO vibrating FUN-stache. (No, really.) Nothing says, “Thanks husband,” better than a vibrating mustache – guaranteeing mustache rides for life without the hassle of a shave or a trim. It looks almost as good as it feels and promises fun playtime long after the kids go to bed.

Whatever you choose, have a Happy Father’s Day and enjoy it!