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Hip, Hip, Hooray for National Orgasm Day!


Why this falls on only one day out of 365 is beyond us, but since it’s an official “thing” on the Internet we’ve decided to give National Orgasm Day a proper blog and encourage all of you to celebrate with kegels and morning wood.

It’s safe to assume that Hallmark was out of the office when this wondrous holiday was invented. There’s really nothing that a greeting card can do to honor National Orgasm Day (unless it vibrates) and even then, the risk of a severe paper cut takes all the fun out of the fondling.

And that’s why we at The Screaming O would like to suggest a few ways to make today the best of the year and inspire you to celebrate more than once. (You don’t need an official “holiday” to make it OK.)

Orgasm On Your Own:
Steal some personal time and give it to yourself the way only you know you like it. And while it’s fun to use the natural sex toys we were all born with (10 fingers, 2 fists, whatever you prefer) we recommend adding a mini vibe to the mix to give yourself a little extra buzz. Try a Screaming O Bullet for easy, one-touch vibration!

Gals: use it on your clitoris for guaranteed excitement. Guys: use it for a surprisingly pleasant boost on your balls.

Three’s Company:
Celebrating National Orgasm Day with your sweetheart certainly is fun, but think of the pleasure you can have if you make it a party of 3! Turn tonight into a ménage a trois with a vibrating sex toy as your third wheel! (Sorry guys, you’ll have to beg for that threesome another time.) Try an award-winning Screaming O Vibrating Ring to make it easier than ever to come together!

Lady’s Night:
Make National Orgasm Day one for the ladies. Whether you’re solo or have a partner in crime, dedicate your celebration to the lovely clitoris and make it happen harder, faster and longer with the Screaming O vibe of her – or your – choice. The Bullet, Studio Collection Lipstick, Studio Collection Mascara, and the FingO are perfect clitoral complements so stock up now!