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Introducing OMEGO: A Unique Isolation C-Ring Design

Oct. 6, 2016

Screaming O has officially released OMEGO, a new pleasure-enhancing cock ring design made of 100% True Silicone™ and equipped with two rings for a snug isolation fit. Powered by the famous Vooom Bullet, the OMEGO rumbles with penetrating stimulation positioned vertically for optimal pleasure and makes it easy for both partners to pay special attention to their most sensitive erogenous zones.

The OMEGO’s unique isolation design includes two interconnected rings that offer a secure fit and strong results – simply stretch the inner ring around the penis and the outer ring around both the penis and testicles to maximize a more pleasurable experience. And at the tip of the OMEGO’s motor is a unique control loop that lets users easily adjust the position of the vertical vibrator for maximum stimulation and an enhanced experience.

The OMEGO is the latest functional cock ring to come from the trusted Screaming O brand, which has become known for making body-safe sex toys fun and affordable. We’ve combined the reliable luxury of silicone with the intense isolation design of a dual ring – a next-level sensation for even the most seasoned cock ring fan. Plus, it’s made of durable waterproof True Silicone, one of our famous lab-tested materials that ensures a quality, body-safe experience.