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Introducing the MustachiO – the World’s 1st Vibrating Mustache


The genius minds at The Screaming O have found a way to transform the uber-cool mustache trend into a must-have sex toy with the MustachiO™, literally the world’s first vibrating mustache.

It’s been teased about on Saturday Night Live and attempted by college students (we assume) but only now is there an official false mustache with a super-tiny (and super-strong) mini motor that makes every mustache ride an elegant affair.

The MustachiO features a super-powered single-speed motor housed in a 100% premium silicone mustache, expertly shaped to emulate the classic handlebar style made famous by well-groomed gentlemen around the world.

And while men around the world gear up to grow out their facial hair in honor of “Movember” November men’s health awareness month, the MustachiO gives the follicle-ly challenged a chance try a mustache on for size. With just one touch, consumers can bring this sweeping trend into the bedroom and beyond while promoting positive “vibes” in support of keeping menfolk happy and healthy.

It doesn’t get more dapper than that! Plus it comes in classic back AND pink -- now go get your MustachiO on!