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Keep Your Sex Toys Sparkling With 'Scream & Clean'

Keep Your Sex Toys clean and Sparkling With Scream and Clean

The Screaming O is proud to introduce Scream & Clean Toy Cleaner keeping your sex toys sparkling, a convenient and portable cleansing solution for your favorite sex toys in a flash! Because nothing kills the mood faster than finding a favorite pleasure product less than fresh, we created a fast and effective cleaner that you can keep by your bedside or bring anywhere you find adventure.

You might not know that regular soap and water can dry out many sex toy materials, causing them to crack and decondition over time, so we formulated Scream & Clean to refresh them without harm. Plus it’s free of any triclosan or alcohol – common irritants found in other cleaning products – and features a Fresh Citrus scent with a body-friendly formula. What more could you want in a toy cleaner?

Plus it’s travel-sized and travel-safe (the 2-ounce bottle won’t make the TSA bat an eyelash) and super-easy to use. Simply spray to clean, and then rinse, wipe and towel dry with a lint-free cloth for instant cleansing at home or on the go. Keep your sex toys sparkling and ready for your next session!

And the best part? Scream & Clean is compatible with all sex toy materials – everything from simple gels to luxurious premium silicone – and even functions as an effective cleaner for hands and surfaces! So get pumped and start spritzing!