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Lasting Longer in Bed Has Never Been So Easy!

Worried you might not last long enough in bed? Well, you’re not alone; this is one of the most common concerns of men of all ages, regardless if they actually have issues with premature ejaculation. Whether you’re a “one minute man” or simply want to wait until your partner comes first, there’s a new solution to longer-lasting, more satisfying sex – and it’s literally only a spray (or two) away.

Dynamo Delay is a brand new male desensitizing spray, the first and only FDA-compliant delay spray proudly made in the USA using a concentrated 13% lidocaine formula, which means men can improve stamina, increase endurance and prolong pleasure with just a few sprays and barely any extra effort. Gone are the days of counting backwards, thinking about baseball, and every other mental trick to keep from coming – now you can stay present and focused on your partner’s pleasure without worrying about whether you’re about to explode.

Compared to other leading delay sprays, Dynamo Delay is 35% more concentrated, contains 50% more product and twice the number of sprays per bottle – all at about half the cost per spray! At $14.95 a bottle, Dynamo Delay is now the most affordable, most effective and most powerful male genital desensitizing spray available.

“There’s a lot of snake oil out there and it was time to create a delay spray that follows the strict guidelines of the FDA, a true over-the-counter medicine that men and their partners can trust,” The Screaming O Account Executive Conde Aumann said. “Studies estimate that 70% of men will experience premature ejaculation of some form at some point in their lives; we believe that they deserve a fast, effective and affordable solution without an embarrassing prescription, nasty side effects or fear that it won’t actually work.”

Like all real U.S. medicines, the lidocaine used in Dynamo Delay is tested against strict U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) standards to ensure strength, quality and purity. Chosen over for its more powerful numbing ability, lidocaine is one of the most studied drugs on the market and has shown effective in men aged 23-70 – meaning men of all adult ages can benefit from the effects of a product like Dynamo Delay.

With so many desensitizing options on store shelves, but so few of them legal and with FDA-approved indications, The Screaming O urges men and their partners to trust Dynamo Delay for their intimate needs.