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Masturbation Month: Make Love to Yourself

Masturbation Month: Make Love to Yourself

It's that time of year again, when panties drop and pants get a little tighter as we dedicate an entire month to masturbation. Self-love is a special thing and there's no right or wrong way to do it, so The Screaming O is here to give you some tips and tricks – and sex toy recommendations – to help make May even merrier.

This week we're reminding you, our fans, to have sex with someone they love – yourselves! – and make it a very special date. There's no one more important in your life than you, so treat yourself like the king or queen you are and turn up the heat a tad with a special mini vibe that will turn every masturbation session into a special event. So set the scene, sprinkle some petals, and turn down the lights in anticipation for a very special Masturbation Month celebration.

The Soft-touch Bullet is a sophisticated twist on a classic mini massager with a powerful multifunction motor and smooth surface that glides across your skin like silk! Choose from three speeds and one pulsation function to tease and please and buzz with the kind of vibration you can't find anywhere else.

Ladies – give your fingers a rest and put the Soft-touch Bullet to work. It's petite and easy to hold (no carpal tunnel this time!) and feels great on all of your erogenous zones, and when you're ready for the grand finale, just kick it into high gear and ride the waves. Your legs will wobble and your mind will muddle – but only for a moment. Until your next round, of course.

And gentlemen – you might think mini vibes are for the fairer sex, but let us recommend a Soft-Touch Bullet for the ol' balls. There's nothing quite like getting a little extra tingle down under while the main event goes down and the Soft Touch Bullet is the perfect compact companion to the palm of your hand. Set it on low and enjoy the soft rumble – you'll thank us later.

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