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A Guide to The Best Male Sex Toys

At Screaming O, we don’t write guides for “dummies”. Why? Because you’ve already found your way here and that means you’re a smart and curious guy.  Whether you are exploring your sexual curiosities, seeking new ways to enhance solo-O pleasure, or are ready to spice up bedroom sessions with your one-and-only, we want to help you do just that!

We’d like to formally introduce you to Screaming O’s “A Man’s Guide To Sex Toys”, which will guide you with the knowledge to turn erotic fantasies into reality. We will do that by walking you through the sex toys basics and explain what they do and how you can use them to amp up your sex life, whether you’re single or partnered up.

Why Use Sex Toys? Better O’s & Healthy Cardi-O

Sex toys are tools crafted for providing pleasure and they are used to make a great thing even better! Better sex means more orgasms and those big O’s have incredible health benefits. Not only can orgasms reduce your chance of prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction - it is scientifically proven that a vibrant sex life can improve cardiovascular health, reduce pain, boost your immune system, promote better sleep, elevate your mood and enhance your overall well-being.

If you have a special lady, it does all those wonderful things plus reduces her chance of developing Type 2 diabetes, alleviating PMS symptoms and regulating her cycle.

But the best benefit of using sex toys for men is that it enables you to have sexual superpowers! Using a pleasure product is like having a third hand, second penis and the ability to rumble, vibrate and tingle her into pure orgasmic bliss.

More Tools in Your Arsenal

Your penis is magnificent! And there is no sex toy in the world that can replace that. So never think that adding a sex toy to your relationship in any way reflects poorly on your manhood or your skills in the bedroom. Sex toys are there to enhance what you already have.

Sex toys are like the tools in your tool box. You always have your trusty screwdriver set handy that can help you put together a side table in minutes, but sometimes you need to assemble an enormous entertainment center that is intended to make a statement to everyone in the room. For this momentous occasion, you grab that handy rechargeable power drill with all the key accessories you’ll need to show that piece of furniture who’s boss.

Sex toys are like your best specialized tools that get used when a job needs to be done at the highest levels of craftmanship. They become an extension of your hands, fingers, tongue ...and of course your #1 most favorite tool, your penis.

Materials Make A Difference

The materials which sex toys are made from play a huge role in safety and quality. Back in the day, manufacturers would add in rubber and other potentially harmful materials that caused allergic reactions and even sometimes fertility problems. Remember, you get what you pay for and not all pleasure products are created equal. So play it safe and always look for sex toys that are:

- Made of body-safe materials
- Labeled Phthalate-free and latex-free
- Made from silicone, SEBS, plastic, steel, glass or wood
- The less porous the materials, the better

The Breakdown: Know Your Toy Types

Here’s your breakdown of sex toys, into categories, so you know the important basics. Most all of these types of sex toys can be used alone or with a partner and are enjoyable for both men and women. Our #1 sex toy tip is to explore confidently, but caringly, and let your sexual imagination run wild.

Masturbation Toys for Men

Masturbation sex toys for men are usually a type of sleeve that can look unassuming or be modeled after a mouth, vagina or anus. Screaming O’s Jackits masturbators make alone time more satisfying by adding incredible sensation to your sol-O sessions. They are also great to use with a partner for hand-jobs, oral sex and bouncy rode-O rides.



Vibrators come in all shapes and sizes and add sizzling sensation to massage, foreplay and sex. With various speeds of vibration, pulsation and escalation you can stimulate your taint, anus or penis - or her erogenous zones, clitoris, vagina or anus. Our rumbly, 20 FUNction Charged Positive Vibe packs our exclusive Vooom motor for low density vibration - rather than a numbing buzz often found with other products - and features a finger/charging cradle for easy handling and delivering delightful O’s.


Bullet vibrators are compact, discreet little sex toys that are incredible for dropping into a masturbation sleeve, pressing against your perineum for p-spot thrills or teasing her most sensitives spots until she wiggles, squirms and shouts your name. Try our Soft-Touch Bullets for silky-soft thrills and portable O’s wherever you go.

Vibrating Panties

For top-secret sex play with your girl, have her slip on a pair of vibrating panties. With a remote control to tease her with up to 20 erotic sensations, you can rock her world up close in the bedroom, from another room up to 50 feet away, or out at your favorite restaurant. Vibrating panties are the ultimate naughty PDA sex toy for couples.


Clitoral Stimulators

Clitoral stimulators are vibrators that provide targeted stimulation to one of a women’s most arousing areas, her clitoris. While bullet vibrators also make great clitoral stimulators, some vibrators are made specifically for that purpose. A great example is our Tri-It Vibe. It has 3 points of contact on and around the clitoris, for the trifecta of orgasmic delight. This is a small, hand-held vibe that she can use for masturbation or you can use to amp up your game between the sheets and blow her mind.

Cock Rings

Cock rings have been around for a long time and traditionally were used by medical professionals to help men with erectile dysfunction. The sex toy industry recognized the additional benefits that cock rings give men and have since made them widely available so that we can all harness their powers. Screaming O took it a step further and created of the world’s most popular cock ring, The Screaming O.

In case you aren’t aware of the huge (wink) benefits of wearing a cock ring, most simply put, cock rings can introduce new pleasurable sensations and enhance the sexual experience - for both you and your partner.


Classic Cock Rings

Classic cock rings are super-stretchy bands that go fit snugly around the shaft of your penis, or both the shaft and balls, to provide you with all of the exciting benefits listed above. If you are new to cock rings, Screaming O has got you covered with our Ring-O Rangler collection, which is perfect for beginners. If you want the absolute best in premium materials technology, try our True Silicone Ring-O Pro X3 trio of cock rings.

Vibrating Cock Rings

Vibrating cock rings turn you into a one-of-a-kind vibrator for her, while sending intense waves of pleasure through your penis and testicles. Our Screaming O Sport offers an extremely comfortable fit and is powered with our low rumbling Vooom motor. Or you can give her more clitoral contact and reach that big-O together with our silky, silicone rechargeable Work-It! Charged Ring.

Anal Sex Toys

Anal sex toys are for fun in your bum and ideal for both men and women. Guys, however, get the best benefits of bottom play as it’s a direct connection to your prostate - the male equivalent of the female g-spot. Stimulating your p-spot provides you with deeper, more intense orgasms that will have you screaming O! Our My Secret Charged Plugs come in 2 sizes, are designed for comfortable insertion with our non-porous, sleek, True Silicone material and operate by remote-control.

Must-Have Sexcessories

Our SEXcessories add even more spice to your sex life with no batteries required! You will light her fire and launch her climaxes to new heights with a little dab of our Climax Cream. The natural formula increases blood flow to her clitoris, enhancing your every touch.

Or try our Dynamo Delay Black Edition desensitizing spray and prOlong the ride for you and your lover. Apply a couple little sprays to your most sensitive spots and our Dynamo Delay delivers a scientifically formulated and FDA compliant dosage of active ingredients for orgasm delay without having to think about baseball or mentally solving non-linear equations. Our delay sprays are less expensive per dose than the leading brands and our products are made in the USA.


Cleaning and Storing Sex Toys

Sure, it’s easy to just toss your freshly used sex toys right into the nightstand, but...well, that’s gross. Simply take a quick minute after enjoying that last round of O’s to wash your pleasure products in soap and warm water and then dry them thoroughly before storing. Yes, you can store them in your nightstand, just be sure they are in a box or wrapped in cloth and not touching each other. The reason for that is that some sex toys materials may stick to others.

Congratulations! You Have Leveled Up Your Sex Toy Game!

Sex toys don’t have to be daunting, overwhelming or complicated. That is why Screaming O offers a refined selection of the most popular, highest quality and approachable sex toys on the market today. So take your newly found knowledge and invest in your future pleasure. If you’re not sure where to start, try our sex toy Pleasure Packages, which are crafted collections combining some of our best creations so that you can try a few different options, learn what you like, and get more bang for your buck in the process.

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