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New 2013 Calendar Lets You Live the Screaming O Lifestyle All Year Round!

Experience a new thrill each month with the 2013 Screaming O Official Product Testing Team Calendar, bringing The Screaming O’s famous fun attitude to life with colorful scenes that inspire a thirst for adventure! Ride the Ferris wheel, surf a big wave, and experience the excitement of the O Life as the Scream Team Girls pay homage to classic California pastimes with a fresh, easy breezy vibe.

The Screaming O knows how to have fun and the Scream Team shows you where to find it each month as they catch some rays, ride some waves, and enjoy life’s little pleasures with you along for the ride! Escape to the beach, eat some ice cream, or strap on your roller skates for a taste of the treats, delights and attractions that symbolize their fun and adventurous lifestyle.

If there’s one thing The Screaming O does best, it’s inspire fans to spice things up and try something new. The 2013 Screaming O Official Product Testing Team Calendar will remind you to live life to the fullest every day and always remember It’s More Fun With The Screaming O!
Pick up a calendar and embark on your next sensual adventure today!