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Opium: the Cock Ring that FLUTTERS

Ever heard of a flutter ring? Want to find out?

Screaming O has just launched Opium, our newest couples toy equipped especially for clitoral stimulation. This unique cock ring features flexible “petals” that undulate and caress everywhere they touch for a soft, fluttering sensation that many women love but so few couples rings provide – until now, of course!

Opium is a modern, couples-centric take on the classic best-selling butterfly-style vibe, which has been many women’s go-to sex toy for decades. This fluttery vibration has been expertly combined with a super-stretchy cock ring to give women and their partners something new and exciting to try together.

Opium is powered by Screaming O’s best-selling original Bullet, which sends three speeds plus pulsation throughout the ring and its petals. Made of SEBS, these wing-like extensions are soft and springy enough to transfer vibration, rather than absorb it and positioned perfectly to embrace the clitoris on both sides. And thanks to a convenient finger loop, you can quickly and easily adjust the petals’ position to flutter against your favorite spots!

Opium is made of water-proof ABS plastic and stretchy SEBS, two materials that have been independently lab tested for purity, quality and body-safety. A softer, more malleable material, SEBS is ideal for vibration transfer without muffling intensity.

Now couples can enjoy fluttering vibration together thanks to its SEBS construction, Opium is super-soft, body-safe, and affordable for couples curious to try a vibrating cock ring for the first time.