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How Can I Get Laid With a Vibrating Ring?


Vibrating rings are your new best friend – you just don’t know it yet. They make sex feel better (especially for her) and if you’re looking for something to put the spark back into your sex life then it’s high time you strap one of these around your junk.

Worn at the base of your shaft, these rings have a little vibrator that tingles against her clitoris each time you move and gets her that much closer to orgasm. A majority of women need this extra “zing” to get there and vibrating rings are a fun, easy and hands-free way to bring it.

(And the mere fact that you have a vibrating ring and are excited to try it – all in the name of her pleasure – will be enough to rev her engine and get the night started right.)

FUN FACT: Stretched around your shaft and balls, vibrating rings actually make your junk look BIGGER. Need we say more?

Now that you’re in the mood and ready to ride, follow these easy steps to make sure you and your gal have the best sex ever:

HINT: Put the vibrating ring on BEFORE your penis is erect. This is important! The ring only starts to work as your penis becomes engorged and ready for action.
1. Remove the vibrating ring from the package and pull to stretch. That way you can see what you’re working with, and get the ring “warmed up” before you put it on.
2. Use some compatible lubricant – do not use silicone lube if your vibrating ring is made of silicone! – so the ring stretches smoothly and comfortable on your skin.
3. Place your shaft and testicles through the ring and slide down all the way to the base.
4. Position the vibrating motor at the top of the shaft so that it makes contact with the clitoris with each thrust.
5. As you get aroused you’ll notice your “package” start to grow and look bigger. BONUS!
6. Now it’s time to enjoy it and have some fun! Don’t forget to try it out with all of your favorite sex positions to see which feels best for you both!